Whitesburg KY

Favorite Christmas was in a three-room school

Merry Christmas to all far and near, and a safe and happy New Year.

So many Christmas dinners, parties and programs to go to. We will all be wanting to lose weight.

I made a big mistake in last week’s paper. I wanted to wish Delze Banks of Cumberland a happy 70th birthday and for some reason I wrote “the late Delze Banks.” So sorry to all who know him. He is alive and well as far as I know.

Kathy and Eddie Wolfe want to thank their neighbors, the Maggard family, for the fruit basket they received. Much appreciated. More blessed to give than receive.

I want to thank my sister Kathy and brotherin law Eddie Wolfe for making sure that I eat well. They fix supper very often and have me to eat with them. It’s better than eating alone.

I have been very sick since last Wednesday with a very bad cough and congestion and running a fever. Keep me in prayer that I will get over this.

My son and his family invited me to go to Florida with them, but I can’t afford to leave in the wintertime, never knowing what will happen with the heat and water pipes.

All of my family are doing good so far. Did not make to it Indiana for a baby shower but plan on being there in February when Lanceton is born. Can’t wait to have a baby boy in the family to spoil.

Mike is doing good and says to tell everyone hello, and to have a merry Christmas.

My favorite Christmas was back in the ‘50s in a three-room schoolhouse on Big Cowan, known as Upper Cowan. We had a Christmas tree as tall as the room. We made homemade ornaments, roping out of popcorn and construction paper made into loops. After lunch the double doors between the little room and middle room were opened and the big room class joined us.

Big Cowan

We would have a play and lines were given out to each student that wanted to participate. Then we would exchange gifts and the Christmas tree, with all the trimmings, was given to one of the students who did not have a tree at home and they would drag it up the highway.

Mrs. Preston had a machine that printed out pictures of bells, candy canes, etc., and we colored those and put them on the widows. Those were such fun times.

Then we would go home for Christmas break, and at our house on Christmas Eve we roasted chestnuts on the old coal and wood stove. We would drink a cup of hot cocoa, wash off real good and get ready for bed and wait for Santa to come. We never got a while lot because we were poor, but we appreciated everything we got.

On Christmas morn, Archie, Kathy and myself used to try to beat each other to the tree. Santa had tied Archie’s pants to the foot of the bed, and when he jumped up to put his pants on he fell on the floor. We laughed so hard!

We really enjoyed getting our Christmas stockings with an apple, orange, hard candy and mixed nuts. I checked the kitchen and Santa left some coffee in his cup and I drank it. He left all the boxes behind, and I kept them.

Well, enough of my rambling, and I’m sure you all have a favorite Christmas too.

I’ve got to go. Just remember that Jesus is the reason for the season and every day of our lives.

May God bless all until next time. Love you all.

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