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Feeding the snowbirds

Sometimes trying to do the right thing just doesn’t turn out all that well.

With this winter being bad with all the cold weather and snow, I began to feel sorry for all the little birds around our house. So I built a covered bird feeder out in one corner of our yard. A trip to Tractor Supply for birdseed, a quick fill- up of the bird feeder, and the birds were eating good. All In Fun

Before long, a barn rat started stealing the sunflower seeds out of the feeder. It was spreading them all over, and really making a mess. I started watching the feeder for him with the intention of shooting him.

One morning as I looked out of the picture window to check things out, I thought I saw the big barn rat under the bird feeder on the ground. I eased the door open a small crack so I could put the gun barrel outside. A quick aim, and I let go with the 1-gauge shotgun.

When I went to look, I saw that the pup had carried one of my wife’s favorite fuzzy, furry house shoes outside and left it under the bird feeder.

Sometimes even the best of intentions go really, really, really wrong.

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