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Fewer people attending memorials


Didn’t find time to write last week. Sorry if anyone missed my column, or the lack thereof.

Bob and I recently drove down to Morehead to visit Bob’s uncle and aunt, Luther and Betty Jo Adams. We enjoyed visiting with them since we hadn’t seen them in quite some time.

They had also recently had Johnny Combs, Sandy, Larry and Misha Hall visiting with them. Luther enjoyed looking at the old Carbon Glow School pictures that Bob showed him on the computer, and remembered so many of his former schoolmates and friends.

Sunday was the memorial meeting at the Spring Branch Cemetery and such a small crowd attended this year. The older ones who used to attend have either passed away or gotten too old to make it to the cemetery, and the younger ones who are able do not see the importance of attending.

I think these cemetery memorials are going to be a thing of the past within a few years. Many of the old meeting stands have fallen in or been torn down, and people seem to forget about their ancestors laid to rest in the graveyards that dot our mountains.

I guess it’s just the changing generations, but I do hate to see the outdoor memorials become a thing of the past.

It was also the memorial at the Melton Cemetery on top of Carbon Glow, and at the Little Dove Church in Knott County.

We really had a storm week before last with Black Bottom, Blair Branch and other areas hit really hard. So many trees were down from the strong winds and then the loss of electricity for a couple of days was rough.

Hopefully Lovell Blair, Teresa Dixon and Maxine Cornett are all doing better, and also Ila Adams hasn’t been well.

Our family get-together on Father’s Day for a fish fry was at Dad and Mom’s (Don and Coreen Pridemore).

Sorry to report that Rodney Ison’s brother, Aaron, in Brownstown, Ind., had died. This just leaves Rodney and their sister, Polly, from the large Tinsley and Cindy Smith Ison’s family.

Aaron was a first cousin to my mom and her brother and sisters. He was also a special friend to her brother, Dock Adams.

Aaron’s family took such good care of him since he became sick. Edith and the children did all they could for him. His funeral is Thursday in Indiana.

This weekend will be the annual memorial meeting at Blair Branch Church. On Sunday, all the names of deceased members will be read off at the beginning of services. Afterward, we’ll have dinner for all who wish to stay.

Richard and Libby Smith went to Friendship, Ind., to attend a muzzle-loading rifle competition. They went last Friday and came back on Sunday. Libby’s brother, Chris Day, watched the shop for her.

Libby also got a women’s four-wheeling trip and picnic together last week. About 12 or 13 of us enjoyed the day. We drove down Bull Creek to Cornettsville to the old orphans’ home.

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