Whitesburg KY

Fields brothers visit

A big hello to everyone! I hope everyone had a good week.

We went to Lexington Friday to pick up our youngest granddaughter, Michaela, to come down for a summer visit. She wants to go swimming, ride horses, and do some running and spend time with her older sister, Ashley, and cousins, especially Paige Brown. I hope she had a good time.

Anthony and Larry Fields, sons of Loreva Banks Fields and the late Ray Fields, were in for a visit. They have been traveling together for over 3,000 miles, just the two of them, and came by to spend some time with Loreva. They brought her up to Irene and Eugene Day’s and ate supper with them.

They really liked their supper of six-week beans, potatoes, cornbread, tomatoes, cabbage and cucumbers. Irene bought them some good, ripe tomatoes from Trent’s Grocery to take home with them.

Since they are both retired from their jobs in Indiana, they are doing some traveling without the women. It must be nice.

We had a beautiful day Sunday, but really hot and humid. They say that if you don’t like the weather, stick around and it will change, just like Indiana weather, it’s unpredictable.

Our church is planning a camping trip soon. I am not much of an outdoors person. If I camped out, I would be like Mrs. Olson on ‘Little House.’ I would want to take my dishes, silverware, microwave, etc.

I will probably go for fellowship and help with the food, then come home, sleep in my bed, and go back the next day for services.

I can’t stand the heat, mosquitoes and bugs, or any other wild animals. So call me a big sissy, but I just don’t enjoy sleeping outdoors. I stay awake all night, listening for critters. I hope everyone else enjoys.

I hope that Odessa and Reuben Lewis on Linefork are doing OK. I haven’t seen their daughter, Ruby, in awhile to ask about them.

Hazel Rayburn has been in the hospital. I pray that she is doing better. Also, Mary Lou Fields needs our prayers. Also Irene and Eugene Day, Mary Ann Maggard, Barbara Ann Boggs, Anna Lou Combs, Astor Fields, Jr., Grant Fields, Archie Fields, Earl Rayburn and all the others who have health problems, the shut-ins, homeless, those enslaved by alcohol and drugs.

Glen Ratliff has been in the hospital with breathing problems. I hope he recovers soon.

I would like to say a big hello to Ella Preston, Norma Jean Roark and her husband Thomas, Carol and Kendall Ison, Bobbie Adams, Velda Fraley, and any of the other retired school teachers.

I think I had Willlamae Boggs for my third grade teacher. I wanted to say hi to her and Carl. I hope their health is better.

Well, I have run out of things to say for this week. Be good to one another, attend the church of your choice, and pray for me this week.

My depression and nerves have really been bad this past month. Most of the time I deal with it pretty good, but during the summer months I have a harder time.

My dad passed away on Father’s Day weekend several years ago, and my mom died on Labor Day weekend. So from June until September, it’s a little rough.

But with God’s help and your prayers, I will be okay. Thanks!

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