Whitesburg KY

Fields family cleans Obie Fields Cemetery

Thanks to Archie, Margaret and Mike Fields, who went up on the Obie Fields Cemetery and cut weeds and bushes off of some of the family graves, straightened up some of the tombstones, and cut tree limbs out of a tree near Benton Fields’s grave. Nova Lee had already put flowers up there, and Isom and Darlene Fields came in last Sunday and decorated the graves.

Sorry we missed them, but we had to go to Indiana. My husband’s brother-inlaw, Philmore Fields, died.

We also visited with our son, Chad, his wife, Amber, and our two granddaughters, Rebecca and Michaela. James’s sister, Dana, and her husband, Charles Brown, from Edmonton, came up for the funeral, and a host of other relatives.

Ronald Fields and his family were in from Greenfield, Ind., for Memorial weekend. He is a son of the late Inas Banks and Jess Fields of Cowan. Lots of people were probably in for Memorial weekend. I hope everyone had a safe and happy weekend.

When we returned home, Mike and Melinda had swept and mopped our floors. It looked good. Thanks, guys.

Emily McIntosh was all dressed up for a school dance. Her grandpa said she looked really pretty, and that she looked older. I hope she had fun and enjoyed herself. She is growing up so fast.

My sister Kathy and her husband Ed Wolfe almost lost their home. Their clothes dryer caught fire and they lost some of their personal clothing, towels and washcloths. Thank God their house didn’t burn down.

This weekend will be another benefit singing at the Freewill Baptist Church at Whitco. The dinners are $5 each, and consist of vegetable soup/hamburger, and peanut butter sandwich, a dessert and drink, June 5 at 6 p.m. Come and join us if you can.

I was sorry to hear that Eula Ison of Johnson’s Fork had died. She was the mother of Joan Ison Fields. She had not been well for some time. Our sympathy goes out to the family, and also to the family of Jack E. Cornett of Ingram’s Creek, and to all others who have lost loved ones.

The gardens in Indiana were looking pretty good. Corn was up about a foot. They have rain, but I don’t think they had as much as we have had. Maybe the gardens here will take off soon.

I have seen a few gardens in Craft’s Colly that look good, especially the cabbage plants. It makes me want to go steal one, but I am not a thief so I am just kidding.

When I was a little girl I would go up to Steve and Rena Dollarhide’s and get a soda biscuit and ask for an onion out of the garden. I would go outside and eat it while I was waiting for Linda and Lorene to come out and play. I always loved Rena’s soda biscuits, and I have never had another one like she made. They were the best.

My Grandma Emily made the best gingerbread and homemade apple pies made out of homemade biscuits. They were yummy. The only person who made gingerbread like that was Mary Lou Fields, and now that she is unable to bake, her sister Carol Ann Ison makes them. Hint, hint.

Georgette Sims, I hope your granddaughter saw her picture in the paper last week, and tell her she is ‘family’ and she is precious.

Irene and Eugene Day are still in need of our prayers. They try to stay busy, but my heart really goes out to them. Since my mom died, Irene is like a mother to me. We have always been close, but is seems like we have gotten closer over the years. She is the only aunt I have left on my mother’s side, and I really love her. I want her to know that I love her and appreciate her.

She has always been good to me, and if there is ever anything I can do for them, they only have to ask. All of my uncles on Mom’s side are gone now, so Eugene is a special uncle to me, and I also love and appreciate him.

This time of year I get a little sentimental and a little emotional, so I probably rattle on a little too much.

Well, I have to go for now. Everyone have a good week. Pray for one another, and attend the church of your choice.

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