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Fields family marks birthday in Indiana

Big Cowan

Our prayers go out to Carol Ann Fields Ison. She had a bad fall and got a concussion, then got real sick. They sent her to Lexington because of heart problems. Also keep Kendall in your prayers for the strength to get through this. She is home now, and seems to be doing OK.

Keep Bill and Agnes Maggard of Columbus, Ind., in your prayers also, and Burdeen Gilley and Virginia Ann. None of them are in good health.

We went to Indiana last week for a few days to see family and friends. We went out to a Mexican restaurant for our granddaughter’s late birthday. We really had a good time, but were glad to be back home.

I’m sorry about not having news last week because of being gone.

Our prayers go out to Terry Church, a new resident and neighbor. He is in Lexington with double pneumonia. We wish him a speedy recovery. Also, Charlie Miles just got out of the hospital with pneumonia. We pray that he continues to do well.

We need to pray for all of the schools that have come down with the swine flu.

Archie Joe Maggard, a son of Bill and Agnes Maggard of Columbus, Ind., will be going to Afghanistan for a few months. Keep him in your prayers. He currently lives in Alabama and is a deputy sheriff. When he was in the service he was in the canine unit, and the service has called him back.

Come home safely, Archie, we will be praying for you, our country, and all of the other service men and women.

Well, I just heard on the news that President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. Congratulations, I guess.

Also, ‘Bo’ Obama, the dog, had a birthday, and I hope he had a good one.

Sorry to hear about Larry ‘Jug’ Taylor dying. I didn’t know him, but he was a brother to Marvin Taylor. Our sympathy goes out to his family, and also to the family of Avery Miles.

I hope everyone has a good week. Attend the church of your choice.

Until next time, may God bless all of you.

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