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Fields family reunion set for July 4

Big Cowan

Hello again everyone! Well, look out. We have a new licensed driver. Deidra Fields received her driver’s license on June 17.

My cousin, Audrey Hammonds, called from North Vernon, Ind. Her husband, Charles, and she have been to Ohio and West Virginia and were going to Florida June 22. She wanted to see how everyone was doing before she left. Her son, Tim Dobson, is in bad health and needs our prayers. He is a young man and has several health problems.

Uncle Isom Fields called from Morristown, Tenn., to remind everyone of the Willie and Susan (Maggard) Fields reunion on July 4 at Shelter #2 at Kingdom Come State Park. Everyone is invited. Bring enough food to feed your family, also paper plates, napkins and forks. Maybe we will see a bear or two this year. Looking forward to a good time. Hopefully my son and family from Greensburg, Ind., will be there.

Pam Fields and her mother, Lucille, were in overnight to bring Pam’s daughter, Jasmine, down to spend time with Archie and Margaret Fields (grandparents) and other relatives.

My granddaughter, Rebecca, and her friend, Lexi Ryle, from Greensburg, Ind., will be down this week to spend some time with us. Looking forward to it. She just turned 14 and will be in the eighth grade next year.

Robert Sword, his wife Kathy and grandchildren were in an accident last week on Whitco Hill. No serious injuries, thank God.

One of my little kittens disappeared. I would like to have it back. If not, hopefully someone is taking good care of it. My little dog Deago was hit by a car. I thought he was dead. I cried and prayed over him and he finally came to but growls at me every time he looks at me. I think he is still sore but I sure am glad he is alive. I have had him for about seven years and I would really miss him.

I also talked to my cousins, Bill, Agnes and Anna Maggard. They were all doing OK. They said Burdeen Gilley is still in bad health and needs our prayers. They all live in Columbus, Ind.

Seems like there is so much sickness and death everywhere and all we can do is pray for them and the families of lost loved ones. On this Father’s Day I really miss my dad, Jasper Fields. He would have been 91. He died Father’s Day weekend when he was 70 years old. He is gone from this place but never from my heart. I have the hope that he is in heaven watching over me. Also, my father-in-law, Roy “Shorty” Fields of Edmonton, died on Father’s Day weekend. He is really missed.

Have a happy birthday, Judy Fields, on June 30. Somewhere I heard you are the speed limit now, so keep on trucking at 55, not 70 OK. Love you, Sister Judy. She is married to Astor Fields Jr. and has two children, Pam Taylor and Grant Fields, and two grandchildren, Sierra and Greg Fields. Have a great day.

We just lost another family member and neighbor, Ed Neil Fields. I will write more when I get details. Pray for his family.

Tammy Turner and son Chris had been to Texas to see her daughter and grandchildren. Husband Wayne had to bach’ it for a little bit. Glad they had a good time and a safe trip.

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