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Fieldses and Packs mark anniversaries

Big Cowan

Hello everyone! Here we are again, surviving graduations and kids will be out running amuck. Ha, ha.

Happy anniversary to Linda and Herb Fields on June 9. May they have many more years together.

Frank and Lisa Pack will celebrate their 14th anniversary on June 13. Congratulations to you both, and for being new grandparents to Makayla Mae Osborne. Will give you more news on that later.

My beautiful granddaughter, Rebecca Kay Fields, will be 19 years old on June 19. She was just graduated from high school in June 7. Love you, girl.

Dana Sturgill will turn 53 on June 19. Still looking good. Happy birthday.

Doug Stallard has a birthday June 19. Happy birthday, Doug.

In memory of this week: my precious father-in-law, Roy Elbert Fields from Edmonton, on June 15, and my wonderful dad, Jasper Fields from Cowan, on June 14. I love and miss them both dearly.

Hazel Rayburn died a year ago on June 15, and is still missed by the community and all who knew her.

Marty Smith will be 43 and Bill Maggard Jr. will be 47, both on June 14. Happy birthday to them.

My sister-in-law Carolyn Fields will be 63 or 64 on June 16.

Mary Lou Fields died three years ago on June 17 and is missed by all.

Brett Sexton Hays will be 32 on June 17. She is a daughter of Linda and Brack Sexton, and is married to Marty Hays. They live in Hindman and have a handsome little fellow named Ridge.

I put two weeks’ worth of birthdays and things in this week as I will probably be gone for a few days. I will leave Mike and Melinda to hold down the fort. I seriously need a little vacation.

Well folks, Hemphill Community Center will never be the same. Hiram Collins finally got on the dance floor trying to teach me an Estill Cornett. I kept messing up because I was nervous and too tightened up. Maybe I will get the hang of it soon.

We were trying to do the two step forward and one step back. I keep wanting to go forward and not backward. I was slap dab worn out, but had lots of fun.

I talked to Carl Boggs a little bit. Robert Fleming from Dawson Creek Band stopped in to get something to eat.

Kathy, Eddie, Mike, and Melinda all went with me. All enjoyed it. Good, clean fun.

The Mountain Drive Band played on Friday night on June 30. They were real good also. They recently played at the Ralph Stanley Festival in Virginia.

I won two free passes to go again. I enjoy meeting and talking to people. I was always a talker and never met a stranger, but I got it naturally. So does my son Mike. He can talk to anyone.

Estill Taylor said for Juanita Fields Smith to come up there sometime. He knows her from Dairy Queen, and said she is a good old gal.

Went to church Sunday to a full house, and great service.

Congratulations to Dasia Fields and to our kids in the neighborhood who were graduated from high school. May they follow their dreams. Enjoy life and trust in God. Make the best of your future.

Well folks, I’ve got to go for now. Have a blessed two weeks and keep everyone in prayer.

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