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Fieldses celebrate 25th anniversary

Big Cowan

Hello everyone! Hoping everyone is having a great New Year so far.

So many people have been sick and trying to get over it — including me.

Seems like the year 2015 has been a lifetime getting here. Really hoping for a good year.

We lost two neighbors from Cowan recently, Violet Day and Dean Wilson. Dean was a son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Buddy Wilson.

We thought Irene Turner had died because they called code on her at the hospital ER, but she was put on life support and sent to Central Baptist. Things are not good at this time. Just keep her and her brother, Jay, in prayer. They really need it.

Late happy anniversary wishes to Archie and Margaret (Pack) Fields. They were married 25 years on Jan. 1.

Mary Ann Maggard would have been 78 on Jan. 2. Monroe Pack died three years ago on Jan. 7. Still missed by daughter Yvonne Day and all who knew him. I always liked him and Alberta. They were good people.

The late Mary Lou Turner would have been 78 on Jan. 13.

Anna Lou Maggard Combs died three years ago on Jan. 16. Still remembered by family, friends and neighbors.

Happy birthday to Autumn Boggs Bunch on Jan. 16. (The last birthday before you become a mother.) Enjoy.

The Singing Holbrooks were at Pastor Joe Brown’s church at Neon recently. I was unable to attend due to sickness and being on the go all the time.

I haven’t been to Hemphill for a few weeks. Missing all my friends up there on Friday nights.

Had to miss church a few times and once because of the snow and cold. Was really a bad time on the roads with all the ice and snow.

All my family is doing pretty well at the moment. Knock on wood.

Not much to write about. Keep someone in prayer, attend the church of your choice. Be good to one another.

Until next time, may God bless.

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