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Fields’s granddaughter a teacher in Alaska


Sorry for taking a couple of weeks off . We have had a lot of things going on and not much spare time to write. So most of this is just getting caught up.

Dorse and Gwen Fields had all of their family in for Christmas. Their kids did all the cooking and cleanup from the Christmas dinner, and all had a good time being together.

Their granddaughter Michelle is in Alaska teaching for four months. She loves her job and being in Alaska.

Dorse is doing pretty well with his chemo treatments for bladder cancer, and we all pray for him during his sickness.

Travis Morton has been home for quite some time and is doing better. His treatments have left his immune system down for now, and he can’t get out around crowds, but was hoping to have come out to Blair Branch Church. Maybe his system will be back up and he can make it next month.

It was a terrible tragedy on Blair Branch when ‘Mack’ Blair was killed in a house fire. A large crowd of family and neighbors came out to pay their respects to Mack’s memory. His funeral was at the Blair Branch Church and a large crowd attended both nights of visitation and the funeral. He was the son of the late Fred and Callie Blair, and leaves his wife and children to survive him, among many other family members.

My first cousin Barry Marshall lost his battle with cancer on Jan. 8. Our family went up to Ohio last Sunday evening, as did Lee and Wilma Pridemore’s family.

All of Elva Pridemore’s brothers and sisters were at the visitation as well, and all but one of the in-laws.

Barry’s family on the Marshall’s side also were plentiful at the services. He was well loved by all of his kinfolk, friends, and who knew him.

Our sympathy goes out to his parents, Bill and Elva Marshall, Barry’s brother and sister, nieces and nephews, and all the rest of the family. He was laid to rest at Wheelersburg, Oh., Monday, Jan. 11, and after his funeral the family was served dinner by his church.

It was the most of our Hiram and Ella Pridemore descendants that had been together in many years, and we’re sad that it was under these circumstances.

Also, Elvin Caudill, Vi’s husband, recently died. Vi and Elvin had been living in Georgetown, and that is where he died.

Donna and Lyle Frazier and Mary Lou Combs, all of Louisville, spent Christmas with Francine Caudill at Sycamore.

Francine recently spent quite a few days in the hospital at Whitesburg, and then in Lexington. She is home now, and hopefully better.

Ellis Adams is recuperating very well from his hip replacement surgery and is getting around well.

Ivan Adams had his knee replaced a few weeks ago, and hopefully with his therapy will be as good as new.

Bob, Opal, Sue, Hunter and I all went to Morehead on New Year’s Day to pick up Opal’s sister, Danola Bell. Danola had spent a couple of days visiting with her brother Luther Adams and family at Morehead. They had dinner for us before we headed back to Letcher County. Danola is spending time with her sisters Opal Banks and Susie Raglin, and visiting with Bill Adams, her brother. She has also been to the nursing home to see their sister, Hazel Adams.

We’re all praying for Frances Whitaker, who was injured by a falling tree. She had to be flown by helicopter to the hospital, and everyone is hoping her injuries won’t be too serious.

Frances is known by so many for her sewing and basket making skills, and other artistic talents, as well as gardening and her hard work at everything she does.

There will be an 80th birthday party for Dock A. Adams of Jeremiah.

It will be held at Blair Branch Church on Jan. 23 at 2 p.m. Family and friends are invited to be with him to wish him a good day.

We just learned that Hobert Blair of Blair Branch has passed away, and that his funeral was to have been on Tuesday at Blair Branch Church.

Our sympathy to his wife, Cathy, and his family.

He makes the sixth person to pass away from the Blair Branch community in about the last four months.

I’ve probably left out a lot of stuff , but maybe next week I’ll do better.

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