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Filmmakers seek couples in love

Are you in love and want to tell your story? Producers with BBC Worldwide Productions are looking for married couples to interview about their take on relationships and love. The documentary will air on HBO near Valentine’s Day.

“In a world where fewer and fewer couples are getting married and where nearly half of marriages end in divorce we’re taking a positive look at the people who are together, the couples who stay together through the good times and the bad,” said Marshall James, with BBC Worldwide Productions. “We will be talking to couples from every generation and from every walk of life, from those in the first flush of romance to those who have been together for fifty or sixty years or more and everyone in between.”

James wants to know how couples met, what brought them together and what keeps them together.

“We all know that relationships are never perfect so we’d love to hear from lively and outspoken people who might be able to tell us a thing or two about what makes a relationship work and what doesn’t,” said James. “Although ultimately it’s a film about love and the positive aspects of being in a couple, we also want people who are honest about the realities of their relationship rather than those that view it through rose-tinted glasses.”

James wants to hear what drives people mad about their partners or all the habits that they have grown to find endearing.

“How about the couple that do everything together and don’t spend a moment apart?” asked James. “We can all name at least one couple who constantly bicker and we all wonder why they’re still together. The couple who we’re dying to find out whether they’re just putting up with each other or if they secretly adore each other. And what about the couples who seem to have the perfect relationship? How have they done it?”

James said he is looking for fun, chatty people who would love to share their stories and thoughts.

James said filming would take about a day at the couple’s house.

To be interviewed, e-mail James at Marshall.James@bbcaproduction.com or call him at 859-552-5524.

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