Whitesburg KY

Find big bass hiding near bank areas

Gabby’s fishing fever

Bass are moving around a lot this time of the year. Spawning cycles and pre- and post-spawn movements cause bass to move from deeper water to shallow water areas. Feeding patterns and baitfish movement also will move bass around.

Right now, most lakes are at full capacity and at or above summer pool. When the water is up some it gets into the leafy trees hanging over in the water and in the green bushes. When this happens bass love to bury up into the brush and weeds or grass and wait for a meal to come by. When bass are in this type of pattern they are aggressive and ready to strike a bait.

Several baits work well for this type of bass fishing. Contact baits including worms, jigs, and tube baits are my first choices. You can place these baits right into the cover and in front of the fish and catch some big bass at times.

Make your cast close to the cover and let the bait fall into the cover but stay in touch with the feel on the line and rod for any type of jerk or pull. If you think you have a bite reel down to take up slack and come up hard to set the hook. There have been some “hogs” caught like this over the years.

You can also fish moving-style baits close to the edge of the bank areas. Crank baits, spinner baits, top waters and jerk baits fished close to shoreline cover can catch good numbers of nice bass. The best way by far to fish these baits is to always make your cast parallel to the cover and work your bait all the way back along the bank. This keeps your bait in front of the bass all the way back.

The next time you go bass fishing give the bank some casts. You may do very well.

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