Whitesburg KY

Finding out about family

I knew nothing about my grandmother, Florence Fleming, who married my grandfather, Cornelius Jay Vanover, at 15 years old. He was 17.

They had three children, my dad Cornelius Randolph Vanover, Ida Mae, and Dale, who died young.

My grandmother’s second husband was Walter Reed.

A lady got in touch with me from Jenkins, telling me her dad was a brother to Walter Reed. She knew nothing about my grandmother.

A Fleming cousin I did not know, after reading The Mountain Eagle, sent me some papers of all my grandmother’s ancestors, all the way back to 1772 in Ireland.

The first Fleming to come to America was Robert Fleming, born near Dublin, Ireland. He settled in Pennsylvania at about 1806.

I now have all the names, dates, children, and the names of whom they married. I wish to thank The Mountain Eagle from the bottom of my heart.

(Contributing writer Everett Vanover lives in Fairfield, Calif.)

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