Whitesburg KY

Fire destroys granddaughter’s home

Northeast Ohio

Hello everyone. It’s a fairly warm (compared to what we’ve been having) but cloudy day. Billy Wayne and Redia and Red and I just got back from Norton- Eastman Funeral Home in Wellington, Ohio. Pat Provoznik, the one I wrote about before, died at Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland. He died from cancer. He was supposed to be released under Hospice Care, but took a turn that made it impossible. Pat was 47, and the first husband of my niece, Debbie Sergent, (daughter of my brother, Richard) and the father of her two children, Cassie and Ben. At his request he was cremated and his ashes spread over Lake Erie.

The house of granddaughter Jennifer was destroyed by fire; she lost just about everything. That can be replaced, but thankfully she and the six children are all unharmed. Jennifer was at her dad’s store when the baby-sitter called and by the time Bill and Redia got her home, Jennifer’s two youngest, Alex, 4, and Elizabeth,16 months, plus the babysitter’s two were all outside with coats on. Jennifer’s other children were still in school. Gotta give her a lot of credit for keeping her cool and not panicking. Right now the Red Cross (bless them) have them in a motel, are feeding them at Bob Evans and gave her a voucher so she could pick up some clothes for the children.

I haven’t heard anything about Sue Meade. She really must have taken a nasty tumble. She has broken ribs, a punctured lung and someone said something about a rotor cup. From what I hear, she is in a skilled nursing home undergoing therapy. Sue, I really do hope you are mending, feeling better and will get to come home soon. Love and prayers for a speedy recovery.

I talked to two of my sisters, Sarah Belle in Cincinnati, and Anna Lea in Whitesburg. I may call Jeanie in Louisville later. She had dialysis today so I usually wait till late to call her. I want to give her time to sort of get back to normal. Sarah Belle had been in the hospital all week and wasn’t feeling her best. She had to remove fluid from around her lungs. Anna Lea seemed to be her exuberant, talkative self, but she, too, has off days like the rest of us.

Red talked to Jettie and she and Chester were well, but like the rest of everyone around these here parts looking forward to some spring weather.

I saw Richard and Georgia at the funeral home. They, too, are doing well. I will have to call Henry Warren and Ronald Buford sometime this weekend.

There are a few March birthdays I want to acknowledge. Happy birthday to: Red’s niece, Victoria Carleta (Engle) Adams, in Eolia on the 3rd; my dear friend, Nellie Banks, in Bloomington, Ind. on the 4th; my dear friend, Liz Gobolich, in Amherst on either the 4th or the 9th or somewhere in between (I didn’t forget, just misplaced my memory cells for a short while); my first cousin, Ben Edward Sergent (Uncle Arch), in Roseville, Mich. on the 21st; his brother, Harold Emerson Sergent, in Moses Lake, Wash. on the 25th, and also on the 25th their sister, Dora Jane (Sergent) Ray, in Salem, Ind.; and then there’s my baby brother, Ronald Buford Sergent, in Huntsville, Ala. on the 31st.

Wishing each and every one of you a very special day, lots of presents, cake and ice cream and may each of you enjoy a long, healthy life. I’m sure I have forgotten some and will try to remember if I can remember what it is I’m supposed to remember.

I got a letter from that very sweet Emilie Schmidt in Shepherdsville. Always enjoy your letters and thank you!

Sunday is Little Edna Church time and our plans are to attend. I’m almost afraid to make plans anymore as somehow the Grinch always wants to spoil whatever the plans may be.

I just heard a weather update on the TV, and it said rain and cold.

Hello to Cliff Tyree. I saw you on the Country Gospel Show, and you’re looking and sounding good. We missed you at the Letcher County picnic last year, and sure hope you can make it this year and bring your guitar and some friends. As far as I know it will be the first Saturday in September, if I find out the date is changed

I will put it in The Mountain

Eagle or get word that way somehow.

Time to give this old feeble brain a rest so, until next time be good to yourselves, share a smile with someone and stay well. Love and prayers to all.

Emma Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, (440) 233-7548, emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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