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Fire threatens Bardstown historic district


A lot has been happening lately and work, planning the wedding and summer activities have had me too busy to have a chance to write until now.

Three weeks ago, a fire broke out on Third Street over top of Plantation Furniture, which is attached to Mammy’s Kitchen restaurant/ Rocking’ Robin’s bar (after 7 p.m.) The following Saturday five bands played a street concert on Third Street. The buildings had a lot of smoke and water damage, but Mammy’s Kitchen was selling cheeseburgers and limited menu items and beer in plastic cups. It was 102 degrees outside so I stepped in to take a quick look around and the chairs and tables hadn’t been placed back inside yet. It was good to know that they didn’t have excessive damage from the fire above them. They had evacuated the premises when the smoke began filling the kitchen area. Plantation Furniture has temporarily moved across the street to their warehousing building. No other buildings were damaged.

Third Street is our historical district and was built when Bardstown ,one of the oldest cities in Kentucky, was settled by European Americans in the 1780s and it was chartered in 1790.

We are lucky we didn’t lose all of our historical shops. The Nelson County Fire Department arrived quickly.

I walked over to Sugar Buzz, which is our newest bakery, and although they’ve been open for nearly a year, I hadn’t been inside there yet. They had a nice selection of cupcakes and very decorative area. I believe I even saw a party room. They will make custom designed cakes upon request. I took a menu with me back out into the heat. It was way too hot for cupcakes to maintain their icing before the entire thing could be eaten.

It didn’t cool down that night until about midnight so we came home from the concert around 10.

James Dean Hicks was one of the acts, has written songs for Conway Twisty and several other musicians. He is originally from Bardstown, however he now lives in Nashville, Tenn.

We spent several weeks with temperatures hitting 100 degrees or above, as I think most of the country did. The grass is still dead and few green sprouts have sprung up since our rain finally started last week. It has been a long time coming. The kids were not happy about having to stay indoors with the A/C on. Jerrica had a friend spend the night last week. It was her first sleepover. They seemed to have fun playing Wii and other games.

There have been incidences of someone breaking into vehicles in random neighborhoods over the past few weeks. The kids told me that some of their dad’s neighbors were hit and then two cars on our street were broken into. One lady said they pried open her trunk and got in through her hatchback. The police are still investigating these crimes. They got away with debit cards and some cash.

We’ve also had several wrecks on Third Street and in that area. Several weeks ago a young man was turning onto Third and hit a motorcycle operator, who died at the scene. The man was cited for negligent driving. After that three other accidents have happened there, but I don’t think any others were fatal.

While the police were on the scene of that fatal accident, a riot was breaking out on McGowan Ave. about four houses down on a street I used to live on. Police arrived to find a man being beaten with a baseball bat. He ran away and they still haven’t identifi ed him. After they arrested five people, the others, that were estimated to be about 200 people, disbursed and there were no more issues other then trying to identify the victim and treat him for injuries.

I’ll try to keep up the news more often. I think that about covers the past month or so. Everyone be blessed and stay safe.

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