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Firefighters rescue two puppies

A couple whose house at Big Cowan was destroyed by fire recently are thankful firefighters were able to save two puppies trapped by flames.

Lynda Blumlo, who lived at 2142 Highway 931 South, said she realized her house was on fire about 11 a.m. on January 16 and was able to grab her Brussels Griffon dog and two puppies and throw them outside. Blumlo said three other puppies panicked and scattered in the house. She said she was trying to go back in the house to rescue the remaining puppies when Angie Swisher, a volunteer firefighter with the Whitesburg department, convinced her it was too dangerous.

After firefighters were able to control the flames, volunteer firefighter John Swisher, Angie Swisher’s husband, thought he heard a puppy crying from inside the house. Blumlo said firefighters went inside the house and came out carrying two puppies in blankets. The runt of the litter died of smoke inhalation.

“I didn’t think anything could survive, but somehow those puppies did,” said John Swisher. “The roof had fallen in. Some of the upstairs was downstairs. It was covered in water.”

Blumlo is grateful to Tim Lucas, Joe Fitzpatrick, Robert Lewis, Charles Caldwell and Swisher for rescuing her puppies.

“This was one of the worst fires they had seen and for those puppies to survive is a miracle,” said Blumlo.

John Swisher said he thinks that his wife saved Blumlo’s life by not allowing her to go back into the burning house. Blumlo said Angie Swisher later told her that she didn’t let Blumlo open the door to the house because the backdraft would have killed her.

“I had asked God to help me and I honestly believe she is an angel,” said Blumlo. “There are people that go above and beyond. My husband and I both feel that we are very lucky to be alive.”

“We’re very appreciative for the firemen that came and put out the fire and saved two of the puppies and to Angela Swisher for saving my wife’s life,” said Joel Blumlo.

Firefighters from the Neon Volunteer Fire and Rescue, Kingscreek Volunteer Fire Department, Sandlick Volunteer Fire Department and Whitesburg Fire Department responded to the fire.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

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