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Fireplace brings memories

Southern Ohio

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Who is ready for spring? Or at least warmer weather. Then really we haven’t had near the bad weather as last winter, so I am not going to complain

It has been a rainy day here in the Ohio Valley area, and will be changing to snow.

During the night we got snow, but the snow isn’t the problem. With dropping temperatures the roads are a mess so I guess I will stay home. It seems for the past several days no matter what the temperature is outside or inside, I can’t seem to get warm.

I will not complain when it reaches 90 degrees!

I have an electric fireplace that I love to watch the flames leaping. I was so restless last night I turned it on and watched the flames dancing, thinking of the fireplaces of childhood. When a fireplace was the only source of heat, at night there wasn’t any heat as the fire was banked for the night.

Here I am enjoying the fake flames and mine puts off quite a bit of heat, but I got concerned as I felt the wall plug was too warm last year so I just enjoy the flames.

How many recall placing potatoes in the hot ashes under the grate? Oh how good that tasted.

Mom would put corn in a pan and put it over the fire, she called it parched corn.

I do remember one thing; you had to have good strong teeth to be able to chew it. We never knew what popcorn was.

When my children were little we had popcorn frequently as I would pop it in a kettle on the stove. Now there’s microwave popcorn, and I don’t care for it.

As February approaches, I recall how Mommy always tried to have her garden so she could plant peas on February 14.

I would like to know the story behind this particular date. Mom always planted the kind of peas you broke up like green beans.

The older I get the more I miss Mom. As I look down at my wrinkled hands I don’t have to miss Mom very much, as she is here with me.

My son Keith Ballard is still with me, and as usual he made coffee and poured me a cup. I sat it in a saucer to carry it to the computer desk, and it spilled in the saucer. Once again, memories of Mom came flooding through like a clear mountain stream.

Mom would always use a saucer and would “sup” not “sip” her coffee. I know some of you are probably tired of my ramblings of my childhood.

I have to laugh at times because when I sit down in a chair when I am alone I catch myself sitting in Dad’s favorite position, with my leg under me.

That is the position that Dad would sit while he was eating supper, and to be honest, that was the only time I remember seeing Dad sitting when I was a child.

After he was run over by a car in 1964, Daddy wasn’t able to work anymore and couldn’t do very much at all.

Les and Pat Wagner spent several days in the mountains due to the death of their Aunt Ethel Wagner. My heart goes out so much to this family as they have gone through so much in the past year.

Please keep Becky Hasty and the family in your prayers as Becky is still having a rough time.

I have been under the weather and haven’t called to check on Doyle and Betty Ison. I hope they are doing alright.

I have had several tests done and nothing has come up, which is a good thing.

I am really glad the weather warmed up for a day or two so Ricky Caudill could take the four-wheeler for a ride along with his friend Ben and Bryce Caudill.

The only thing is, I think it is a little nippy for Ricky to try to take a bath in a mud puddle.

Bryce got his fourwheeler stuck in a large mud puddle, and Ricky waded in to help him, slipped and fell. Lucky he wasn’t hurt, but it was a cold ride to get back home.

While he was talking about the incident I started to laugh, not as much about him as a memory.

When my husband and I were first married, we had been out for a ride. We had his sister with us and a flood had hit our area, and water had come over a small section of the road. Then the car stalled.

We couldn’t open the car doors, but luckily my sisterin law and I were very thin back then so we rolled the windows down, crawled through, and pushed the car through the water.

My husband had been sick and I didn’t want him in the water. I can still remember how scared I was to step in the muddy water. When you are young you can be so stupid!

Mart and Sue Hall took a trip to Lexington as Mart was supposed to have some oral surgery done. It seems with certain places not taking certain insurances, a trip was made for nothing.

Well, it is past time to get this on its way. Stay warm until next time

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