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Firm announces closing of Jenkins facility by letter

Almost two years ago now, Healthcare National Marketing, Inc. took a chance to open a call center in Jenkins in Letcher County. This was the first expansion project ever for the company.

Healthcare National Marketing Inc. has had the privilege of offering over 259 job opportunities since the opening date back in 2015 and invested more than a million dollars into the city and county. During that time, the company has flown key employees from the Jenkins call center to New Port Richey, Florida, the company’s home office, for extensive training. Healthcare National Marketing then followed up by sending key employees from Florida to Kentucky for support and more training. The company understood before it opened a call center in Jenkins that it was the first call center of its kind in Letcher County. The call center is an outbound, lead generator, call center. The other call centers closest to Jenkins, are all inbound, customer service type of call centers.

Healthcare National Marketing understood the financial hardship of the area with coal mines closing down and wanted to see if it could help. The company called the entire expansion opportunity Project: Jobs for Jenkins.

There has been success with the call center in Jenkins, most importantly economic opportunity for the Jenkins area. Our employees have been able to pay bills, move into better housing, provide Christmas for their families, obtain healthcare benefits and help each one develop skills that hopefully will benefit them in the future. We as a company could not be more proud to be a part of that success. There is a tremendous amount of operating expenses to run any business. Every company has expectations, regardless of the product, to sell enough of that product to pay the operating expenses.

For almost two years the Jenkins call center has not been able to cover all of its operating expenses. Healthcare National Marketing fully understood there is a considerable amount of investment when expanding. After much effort and financial support, Healthcare National Marketing Inc., with good business practices, can no longer keep operating in the red at our Jenkins call center. Therefore, we (closed the call center) effective March 24. We have asked a representative with the Eastern Kentucky Concentrated Employment Program (EKCEP) to be prepared to assist our employees in finding another job.

This is a sad day for Healthcare National Marketing on many levels. We have grown to love the area and the people. However, we know we did our very best to provide opportunity in Jenkins.

It’s just unfortunate; we can no longer operate in a deficit and have to close down.

SHERRI PAULES, CEO Healthcare National Marketing Inc. 5396 School Road New Port Richey, Florida

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