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Mostly clear
Mostly clear

First crushes, first dates, first kisses

When I was about 14 in Burdine School, I worked up the nerve to ask a young girl from East Jenkins to have a bottle of pop with me at Whitaker’s Café.

Afterward, when we got ready to leave, my knees were shaking so bad I could hardly walk.

Two years later I was taking basic training in Texas and wrote her many letters during those three months. When I was sent to another base for technical school, I tore up the letters.

At my Jenkins High School reunion, this young lady and I had a dance and I told her about the letters. She told me she also had a crush on me, and that I should have mailed the letters.

While on my first military leave, I met a 15-year-old girl from Jenkins and she asked if she could write me. We wrote to each other until I was discharged in December 1946, and we had our first date.

She was the first girl I went out with, and I was her first date. We had our first kiss that night.

We dated for a short time in the mid-40s, and then went our separate ways when I reenlisted in the military.

She was my first love, and her kisses were so sweet and loving. She will always be a special memory and own a piece of my heart.

Contributing writer Everett Vanover lives in Fairfield, Calif.

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