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First day of school coming next week

Big Cowan

Hello everyone. Hope all had a good week.

School is just about ready to start. Seems like summer has really gone fast even though it has been very hot.

My grandkids start back to school Aug. 1 in Indiana (I think). They are kind of excited but hate for the summer to be over with. Same way when we were kids. Looking forward to the first day of school, and then wanting the last day to get there. Even though I loved school I just hated getting up so early and going out in the cold when it was winder.

You learn to take the good with the bad.

Eugene would open the store early and have a nice fire built so we could warm up before walking or catching the school bus. All the kids of Cowan sure appreciated that. Those were the days.

Well, on to other things. I forgot that July was almost over and I forgot to add some birthdays last week.

Leslie Calihan turned 30 on July 7; Aubrey Nicole Gamble turned 1 year old on July 28; Charles Day had a birthday July 31; and Autumn Renee Hensley turned 4 on July 31.

Happy birthday to all of them, and a big hello to Bobby and Rosa Bates. I don’t get to see them very much. They are the grandparents of Autumn Hensley. Love you guys!

Patricia Younce Ison died a year ago and her family and friends still miss her.

Eddie Wolfe has been back in the hospital. He had cut his finger and infection set up. He is home now and doing well.

Archie Fields went back to Pikeville July 30 to have some grafting done on his leg and heel. Keep him in prayer.

My cousin Larry Boggs’s stepson died this past week. He was a Lewis. I didn’t know until after the funeral. Our sympathy goes out to the family.

Also, Lovell Sturgill died a year ago, and I still miss her very much. Keep her sister (my aunt), Loreva Fields, in prayer as she is not in good health.

Ellen King, a daughter of Pat King and the late Bill King of Isom, has a birthday Aug. 5. Hope you have a good one.

Kim and Roger Hoskins will be married seven years on Aug. 6.

My precious Aunt Irene Day will be 84 years young on Aug. 6. She married Eugene Day in 1928 and has two children, Emma (George) Adams and Francis (Jenny) Day and a handsome grandson, Professor Chris Adams (who will be teaching at Berea this fall), a granddaughter, the late Heather Day Griffie, and one beautiful great-granddaughter, Paige Brown.

Happy birthday, Irene, and I love you very much.

I will have more August birthdays next week.

Frieda Boggs Johnson and her husband Billy were married 41 years last week. A late happy anniversary to them.

Mona Fields Boggs had a birthday. A late happy birthday to her.

If I left anyone out on birthdays or anniversaries, I am sorry but hope that you all had a good one.

Keep Wayne and Tammy Turner in your prayers. Wayne had some tests run and they are waiting for the results. They have been sharing the two granddaughters, Alyssa and Leah Nicely, with the other grandparents this summer and having a good time.

From what I’ve seen on Facebook, they got a playhouse built by Papaw and Roger Dodger Eldridge. I’ll bet they are having a ball, and they will be missed when they go home.

I sure missed getting to see my girls this summer. They are growing up so fast with so much going on, and now boyfriends. I’ll be lucky to see them before they graduate. One is 14 and the other is 17, and the oldest who is 19, got a job in a factory, so she will be busy for awhile as well.

We are going to Indiana to see all of them soon, I hope. It has just not been the right time for us to go, or it has been too hot, with Eddie’s van being down and Archie not being able to drive.

We have been busy, and if anyone has a car or truck for sale cheap, Eddie and Kathy needs one until theirs can be fixed so they don’t want to put a lot of money in one. Call me if you have one for sale. Thanks! 633-0439.

Keep Carla (Mullins) Maggard in your prayers. She got bitten by a spider and has an infection and a lot of pain. She has been to the doctor but no hospital yet, thank God.

Also remember her mom, Pat Mullins, and mother-in-law, Mary Ann Maggard in prayer, as well as Joe, Tony and Destiny.

Tonya Fields had knee surgery at Pikeville last Friday. She was having a lot of pain and hoping she gets well soon. She is the beautiful daughter of Wayne and Missy Fields. Hopefully she will be okay by the time school starts. It would not be fun to have to walk on crutches.

All have a good week, and pray for one another. Attend the church of your choice, and may God bless all of you.

Until next time, be good to yourselves and one another. Keep smiling, it makes people wonder what you are up to!

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