Whitesburg KY

First grandchildren were born just two hours apart


Happy birthday wishes are being sent to Joyce Morton, Tony Jent, Greg Holbrook, Sharon Holbrook, Kathy Adams and Jerry Lucas.

Sharon Holbrook is my daughter and Kathy Adams is my niece. They were born on the same day, two hours apart. They were my father, Roosevelt Baker’s, first two grandchildren. Dr. Tolliver ran his legs off. He also delivered another baby that day. I can’t believe it’s been that many years ago. Sharon and Greg live in Richmond. Their anniversary is also next week. Kathy works at Parkway Pharmacy.

Jeff and Lynn Bates have a new grandbaby. Mandy and her husband have a little girl, Iree Jean. Mandy named her for her grandmother, Jean Martin. Congratulations to all their family.

Pete and Faye Hill had a big weekend. A lot of Pete’s family were at their house for a reunion. Ricky and Phyllis Yonts said they made everyone’s favorite dishes. Phyllis is a good cook. She and Ricky pick me a mess of plantain every spring. That’s good neighbors!

Visiting with Dennis and Frances Yonts was a cousin of Dennis’s, Bufford, the son of Dennis’s Aunt Sabrina. Doug and Ricky also visited. They hadn’t seen Bufford in a lot of years.

Edsel and Carol Baker enjoyed her brother, Bill Hatton, his wife, Petey, and granddaughter McKenzie Memorial weekend. They also visited with Keith and Chas.

Get well wishes to Joyce and Arthur Sergent, Dorothy Bentley, and all in our neighborhood that are sick. Our prayers are with Orbin Thomas also.

Charlie and Wilma Holbrook came by our house before leaving for Richmond on Friday. Their granddaughter, Jessica Spicer, was graduating.

Our grandson, Jason Holbrook, wanted them to bring him Pappa Clester’s little welder. Jason bought an old Ford truck and he needed the welder to do something on his truck. Jason said he bought the truck so he and the boys, Kyle and Seth, could work on it this summer. Kyle is 10 and Seth is 5. There will be bonding going on, I’m sure.

I’ve got to tell you about the baby! Gabriel Michael Gilliam was born Thursday morning about 7:30. What a beautiful little boy! His parents are Michael and Kristy Gilliam. His brother, Jason, was so proud. Grandma Mary was walking on air and Jean was so thrilled. A baby is God’s miracle and I know this baby will be so important to all of us. I bought him a pair of Nikes, lost them before the shower but found them a few days before his birth. I worried he would outgrow them before I found them. Congratulations to all Gabriel’s family. We love you all.

Alben Watts and Joella have the prettiest garden. Looks like Alben takes good care of it. I never see a weed.

Coolie, Edsel and Keith have enjoyed a week of fishing at Bug Island. They caught a few.

Colson seniors are going to be busy this month. They will be going to the flea market on June 4, and their potluck dinner is June 13. Oh, I forgot the cheerleaders will be performing on June 6 for the Relay for Life at the Whitesburg Park. Please come out and support the Relay. We never know who’s going to be next diagnosed with cancer.

I received the Atlas D. Hall FSA Scot Memorial Award and a certificate in appreciation for work and research into the history of the Hall surname. Atlas Dean’s mother, Goshen Hall, presented the award and I was so honored to receive the award. I miss working with the late Dean Hall. He loved his family and was so proud of his Scottish heritage. He dressed in the traditional Scottish outfit when he attended ceremonies. He loved the Scottish games.

If there is a senior citizens center in your neighborhood, please stop in and see what you are missing. If there isn’t one near, go a little farther and attend one. It’s the best thing for seniors. Each center in our county has good cooks and nice folks attending.

May God bless each of you.

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