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Mostly sunny

First snake of the summer

Big Cowan

Happy Fourth of July. Hoping all have a good and safe one. Lots of fireworks, picnics and reunions.

Our family reunion will be on Saturday, July 6, at Kingdom State Park, Shelter #2, starting at 10 a.m. Bring a covered dish and join good food and fellowship, some gospel singing, etc. (It’s the Willie and Susan Maggard Fields reunion.)

A good man in the Lord went home to be with the Lord. Thomas Dewey Tolliver died on June 24. He loved the Lord and his family. My sympathy goes out to his wife, Janice, daughters Tonya Roark, Angie Collier and their families. I knew him for a short time. He and Janice were real sweet people and he will be missed by all who knew him.

Birthdays this past week were: Irene Turner, Drenda Cornett, Travis Ray Johnson, Kenny Miles, and Morris Maggard turned 91 on June 28. Late happy birthday wishes to all of them, and also Darlene (Allen) Maggard, June 30.

I saw my first live snake for the summer on Cowan the other day, crawling from the highway to the other side of the road. It gave me the creeps. Looked like a black snake, but I was not going to get close enough to find out. I did not care where he was going or had been as long as he was not with me. Yuck!

Thanks to Oma Hatton for mentioning me in her column last week. I like reading her column also. She mentions people I have heard of, and I like the older pictures she puts in. It helps me remember some of them, especially her mom, dad and brothers.

Please keep Tonda Morgan in prayer. She is in need of a heart transplant. She is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Billy Conn. All of her family needs everyone’s prayers.

Sonia Fields also needs our prayers. Not sure how she is doing. I know the Lord is a healer and He can heal Tonda and Sonia, and anyone else who believes in Him. There is ‘power in prayer.’

Lots of sickness and death in our midst. I also heard that Richard Adams died. He was my grade school teacher at Whitesburg back in the early ‘60s. Hated to hear of his passing. I always liked him.

My sympathy goes out to his wife Pauline and son Rick, and the rest of his family.

My beloved dog, ‘Deago’ passed away a year ago on July 4. He was such a good little fellow. I still miss him. I had him from six months old until he passed. In people years he would have been 13, and in dog years he would have been 91. He lived a good life and was loved by all of us. There will never be another like him.

Rest in peace, Deago. I know people should not love their pets that much. I am a dog lover and they just become part of my family. I have two more dogs that I love very much. Different personalities than Deago had.

Frank Fields and his wife at Neon had a scare Saturday night, a dryer caught on fire. Smoke damage to their house. Glad they are okay. My sister and brother-in-law had that to happen to them awhile back. Make sure driers are turned off and cooled down before you leave the house, or check frequently if you are home.

Well, guess I will go for now. Keep everyone in prayer, attend the church of your choice. Keep smiling.

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