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First snow hits Bardstown Thanksgiving


Hello to all from the Bourbon Capital. It has been a busy and eventful several weeks. Actually, I don’t think there has been a dull moment since we moved here seven years ago.

I want to begin by requesting prayer for the Hamilton family. Matthew Hamilton was killed in a head-on collision with a truck in the wee hours of Sunday, Nov. 21. He leaves behind his parents, siblings and his five-year-old son, Samuel. Matthew was only 34 years old and well known and loved dearly by many people around Bardstown. I was blessed enough to know him and have him be in my ‘circle of friends’. Tracy and I as well as several of our friends attended the services for Matt. He was laid to rest on Nov. 23 after Mass for him at St. Joseph’s Proto-Cathedral.

Also included on the prayer list this week are Kathy Beavers, June Clark, Tracy Cissell, Brian Cecil, Jim and Angie Hardesty, Samantha Gaffney, Candace Lewis, Johnny Tingle, Marshall ‘Marty’ Simpson, Barry Adams, Mark Hicks, Denise Hicks and Tracy’s niece Shyanna, who is in the hospital with pneumonia and is only three years old.

The kids, Howie, and I managed to make it to Eolia for Thanksgiving. We got there on Wednesday evening and were happy to get to stay until Friday morning and visit with everyone. My cousin Tabitha Sturgill- Robison made it in for the holiday as well. We had not seen each other since she moved to Oklahoma about five or six years ago. I got to meet her son Layne and some of the new babies that were born within the past year or two.

Belated happy birthday to James Ivory Stidham, who was nine years old on Nov. 25. Other birthdays in November are Zachary Cecil, Amanda Shows, and Terri Vanhoose.

The weekend of the 20th Terri Vanhoose, along with her children, accompanied her boyfriend Johnny Grill to visit his family for the holiday in Illinois, where Johnny also performed with his band ‘the third temple’ during that weekend. They had a pleasant visit and an uneventful, drama-free journey to their destination.

Bardstown had its first snow late Thursday night. As we were nearing home, we noticed that all the cars we were meeting were coated in snow. It was sunny when we arrived home, however a light dusting of snow was still on the grass in the shaded area of my backyard. We were quite lucky since the forecast was giving us sleet and freezing rain for Thursday night. The roads were clear the entire way. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and a wonderful winter season.

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