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Mostly cloudy

First snow vanished quickly

We got our first snow of this winter on Monday, Jan. 2. It flurried a few times throughout the day and twice it looked like it was going to stick and stay as a roof across the street and the vehicles outside had a thin layer of white, but it was all gone within an hour of the flakes ceasing falling.

Temperatures dropped into the teens overnight and were on the rise again by Tuesday.

Tracy Cissell brought her new baby by to visit with the kids before they left for their dad’s for the New Year’s weekend. Baby Andy is six weeks old and getting over a cold that caused Tracy to take him into the emergency room just before Christmas. Bardstown

With these up and down temperatures it’s no wonder that people are sick. Several are getting pneumonia and others are dealing with a stomach virus.

It’s quite the dilemma. As soon as they get rid of one illness they’re acquiring another.

The week began on a somber note as on Sunday my cousin Tabitha Napier of Eolia was informed that her husband of barely three months had been killed in Afghanistan. Twenty-yearold Pfc. Dustin Napier was on a one-year tour and had been deployed in April. They were planning to reside in Alaska upon his return to the states.

Thursday morning, more news came that a Bardstown native, 25-year-old Sgt. Patrick R. Carroll, had been killed in a suicide bomb attack on Monday.

Many prayers go to these families and all the other fallen soldiers this year as 2012 is off to a rough beginning for all involved.

Several children have been out of school as the flu and strep are going around pretty bad. I was informed of this when I took John to the doctor Monday. They tested him for flu and strep and both came back negative, however antibiotics have helped him greatly though we still have a ways to go. He couldn’t even breathe well enough to sleep through the night without a breathing treatment with his nebulizer and Albuterol.

On Thursday we were included in the winter weather advisory that was issued Wednesday night. As of 11a.m. on Thursday morning it was very dark outside and drizzling rain. Our snowy mix isn’t scheduled to begin until after 5 p.m., thank goodness, as unless it hits sooner the middle school kids have archery practice today.

Congratulations to Andi and Mike Coulter who recently welcomed a new baby. Holly Coulter is a proud new grandma.

Prayer requests this week include Andrew Cissell; Tracy Cissell; Tabitha Sturgill Napier and the family of Dustin Napier of London; the family of Patrick Carroll of Bardstown; Larry Downs, most of you in Whitesburg and Letcher County know him as Sgt. Joseph Downs from WHS JROTC class; Alma York who was hospitalized this week with a blood clot; Teddy Sturgill; Sharon Smith; Wayne Smith; John Rayburn; Jessica Green; Dale Isham; Billy Isham; Julie Rummage; Tate and Inez Hampton; Rachel Thompson; Clyde Stidham Jr.; and Betty Stidham.

I hope everyone has a blessed week and that they don’t get snowed in too badly.

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