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First visit to Carcassonne remembered

Merry Christmas!

Yesterday Vicki Power and I brazened the shopping horror to go to Western Hills Shopping Center to check on something. The crowd wasn’t bad, but of course what I was especially looking for they were out of.

On the way into the mall there was a woman standing with a sign. I only caught part of the words on the cardboard. I actually pretended not to see her as she was wearing a nice jacket, and really didn’t look as if she had missed any meals.

It is a known fact in this area both men and women are pulling a scam game. It hurts to think of a possibility someone actually needs help while others are using people.

I won’t donate to groups as you never know how much money goes to help people, plus every extra bit I have goes to help my little sidekick Bennie, not just at Christmas, but also all year long.

I am still reliving my fast and furious trip to the mountains.

As I was on my way early in the morning the sun came shining through, and there was a certain spot of trees that was so beautiful as the foliage was still intact.

Southern Ohio

I had my radio on listening to my bluegrass music, and all at once this wonderful feeling came over me. It seemed a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

Tears streamed down my face, as I could feel the beauty not just see it. To some this may sound silly, but to me it was a wonderful feeling as it had been such a long time since I had felt this way.

Oh how I enjoyed being at Carcassonne Community Center Square Dance. This will stay in my memory as the weather turns bad and I am confined in the warm comforts of my home. Anyone who hasn’t been to the Carcassonne Community Center is missing out on a lot. I believe this is an old school building, but I can’t recall the history so I’m not going to elaborate.

As the temperature is turning chilly, when you walk into the building you are greeted by two freestanding old-fashioned stoves — I guess what is known as pot-bellied wood and coal stoves.

Honestly, with the furnace running, you have to touch the stoves to make sure that warmth is coming from them.

This brought memories of attending school at Mill Branch. How I wish that building could have been preserved instead of being torn down.

From the first night I ever set foot in the Carcassonne Community Center I fell in love with the building. My sister-in-law Wanda Hall took a few of us there after leaving Blackey Days.

A square dance was held at the community center, which wasn’t a very good idea as there weren’t enough people to hold a dance. However I did dance with a very good partner. We only had about eight people, but it was a wonderful time.

Sunrise Ridge played that night. Honestly, if I was the only one in an audience I would enjoy Sunrise Ridge as everyone knows. I really hope my health improves so I can attend the first dance of spring that is minus some aggravation.

Mike and Marcia Caudill along with Ricky are such wonderful company. I can’t imagine not enjoying myself. I may just take Marcia up on the invitation to stay at their beautiful home. If so, she will have to chase me off her deck. You can see for miles while sitting there.

I have wondered so many times if Marcia took in a few pots of her gorgeous flowers, especially a purple vine I regret not bringing it home with me. I would like to go back to when the holly tree has red berries on it.

That brings to mind another childhood memory that has seared my soul for years. I was eight years old when we lived at Vernon Hogg’s, which is in between Roxana and Hot Spot. There were two huge holly trees that were so magnificent with the green leaves and red berries.

I’ve tried a couple of times to plant small ones, to no avail as they die on me when I have been too sick to tend to them. Let’s face it, if I could I would have my yard filled with plants and trees from the mountains.

My heart fills with pride each spring as I have about a 40-inch or more booming poplar tree at the edge of my yard. I pulled up just a small twig across the road from Dad and Mom’s house at Blackey long after someone burned their house.

While I was at Ricky’s I opened his refrigerator to get a bottle of water when a jar of homemade bread and butter pickles caught my attention. I knew if I tasted it I may suffer the consequences, but needless to say I gave into temptation. The bread and butter pickles were so delicious I could have drunk the juice. Yes, they hurt me, but this is one time I can say it was worth it.

Oma Hatton, while Ricky Caudill was having breakfast at the BP station in Isom, I met your brother Charles Howard. I was on my home to Ohio when I decided I was driving back to pay you a surprise visit. I was the one surprised, as you weren’t home.

You were out with your sons, celebrating your birthday. Had I known where you were at, I would have crashed your birthday party just for a few minutes. At least I tried to visit you.

Oma, I was tempted to snitch a green tomato, but of course I didn’t. A belated happy birthday, and many more to come.

Happy anniversary to Bill and Mary Halcomb of Hamilton, who celebrated 59 years of marriage this week

My sympathy goes out to my Lewis cousins from the Partridge area, as they lost a brother, David Allen Lewis, during Thanksgiving. I remember Gracie, Lorene and Donald Ray and a couple more, however there are a few of the younger ones that I don’t remember. Someone posted a picture of the family, and one girl looks so much like my sister Loretta Church that it brought tears streaming.

Belated happy birthday to Les and Pat Wagner on Dec. 2. I tried to call them, but they must have been busy celebrating.

I finally stopped to check on Doyle and Betty Ison and as I looked out the sliding glass doors that overlooks a valley behind their house, I wanted to take a blanket and go sit on the deck that I love so much.

I miss sitting out back of my house, with the weather finally getting too cold.

I had some errands to do, and there was a particular spot that looked like a picture postcard as the trees were so golden with just a spray of leaves under the trees.

I still have petunias blooming in front of my house.

There is so much tragedy all over it is hard for me to get in the Christmas spirit. My heart ached for the family of the Fields man that was missing for a week, then found dead. Then came the news of the young woman that was murdered, along with the man who had family close to Whitesburg. But at least both families have closure now as they have found their bodies.

That man shouldn’t be allowed to live after such a horrendous thing like this. I guess he’s got free rent and food now.

Sunday afternoon, Mike and Marcia Caudill had several guests for a delicious home cooked meal. Their son Matthew Caudill and his wife, along with Ricky Caudill and Bryce, were there.

Ricky posted on Facebook while I enjoyed my usual yogurt. Sometimes I think if I eat one more bowl of chicken noodle soup, I may just grow feathers.

Don’t forget music at Kingscreek Fire Department on Saturday, Dec. 10, from 6 to 9 p.m. Sunrise Ridge will be playing, along with other bands.

Thursday night, Sunrise Ridge opens for the Tommy Webb Band at Appalshop. I am tempted to try to make this trip, but I’m not feeling well at the present time. That changes like the weather too. I’m afraid of taking a chance on going that far as the weather is supposed to get bad here.

I am still trying to get my tree downstairs. It may be Easter before it is decorated.

Betty Kelly rented a van so she could go to Florida to bring her son Barry Brown home. Barry was hurt so bad from his fall, he couldn’t fly home. Barry and Tina were on a delayed honeymoon when he slipped on the pier and fell. Please keep Barry in your prayers as he has several ribs broken and lots of other injuries. Barry is lucky he survived this horrible ordeal.

Be safe and enjoy the lights until next time.

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