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Fiscal court buys emergency alert system, names bridges

Letcher County is acquiring technology that will enable officials to alert all the residents of the county or those in selected areas simultaneously in the event of approaching weather threats, power outages, manmade disasters, or other issues that may affect them.

The Letcher Fiscal Court voted unanimously last week to enter into a fouryear agreement to use the One Call Alert system along with the cities of Whitesburg, Jenkins, and Fleming-Neon.

The court took the action during a special meeting after Letcher County Home Security Director Paul Miles introduced the One Call Alert system and said disaster management officials in Harlan County just installed the system and are very enthusiastic about its effectiveness. Miles said that 10,000 calls were made on the Harlan County system in two minutes without failures or glitches.

Miles said the system isn’t limited to disasters and can be fine tuned to target a single part of the county to change meetings times, alert residents to a roadblock or mudslide, or other issues limited to a single neighborhood, as well as used for county wide pur- poses. The system has a return call function on Caller ID and will play the original message back when it is called.

Letcher Judge/Executive Jim Ward said the system is endorsed by the County Judges Association of Kentucky and will save the county man-hours formerly spent in notifying citizens about issues that affect them. Ward was also pleased with the system’s ability to target specific locations. Ward said there have been times recently when the system could have saved the county time and money in man-hours by notifying residents about a number of issues that affected the entire county or parts of it.

Second District Magistrate Archie Banks moved to adopt the system and the court voted unanimously in favor of Banks’s motion.

In other business, the court voted to adopt a list submitted by veterans’ organizations and individuals for naming county bridges for Letcher County veterans who have served their country in time of war. The bridges are:

B00023 at mile point 4.170 on KY 805 at Haymond next to Austin Road named for Technical Sergeant Edward Wright.

B000046 at KY 160 at the junction of KY 463 near the Gordon Volunteer Fire Department, named for Sergeant Dennis Combs.

B00002, a stone bridge on KY 113 at the junction of KY 803, at mile point 2.48 at the fork of Millstone Creek, named for Chief Petty Officer Otho Bentley.

B000122 on KY 7 at the junction of KY 1103, mile point 170 near the mouth of Ulvah, named for Technical Sergeant Pat Campbell.

B00036, at the junction of KY 2035 and KY 931, at the mouth of Little Cowan, named for Sergeant Kerney Lee Day.

B00012, a stone bridge in Neon on KY 317 over Yonts Fork Creek, mile point 200, next to Mike Johnson’s Drive-In, named for Chief Master Sergeant James C. Madison.

B00015, on KY 343 over Wright Fork in Fleming at mile point .65 next to the former office of Dr. Acker named for Lieutenant Colonel Claude E. Houndshell.

B00121 on KY 15 at the junction of U.S. 119 across from Letcher County Central High School, named for Sergeant Lennie Darrell Holbrook Sr.

B00090, a stone bridge at Mayking on KY 1862 near the Appalachian Monument Company, named for Private First Class Jerry R. Holbrook.

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