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Fiscal court hopes to auction off one senior citizens center, lease another

The Letcher County Fiscal Court has voted to advertise the old Ermine Center as being available for lease and to sell at auction the old Boone Fork Senior Citizens Center at Fleming.

Judge/Executive Terry Adams also said he would like to auction some equipment that has been stripped from the county garage and is mostly junk. Adams said the equipment at the garage is left over from old equipment that has been used for parts and has been stripped. The material will be auctioned at the same time as the Boone Fork Center, and will be announced beforehand.

In an effort to raise funds and get rid of surplus property, the court declared several pieces of county property surplus at the February 2017 meeting, including the Ermine Senior Citizens Center. At the special meeting last Thursday, the court also discussed other properties that were declared surplus in 2017, including the Kingdom Come School, the Boone Fork Center, and the Sewanee tipple.

Adams said the Kingdom Come School is deteriorating but it can be used, so the court should hold onto it for the time being. He said he would like to hold on to the Sewanee Tipple as a possible site for industry, but the court should lease it out after the belt structure that runs throughout the plant is removed. Adams said the cost of removing the belt structure will be taken into account when considering the bid, and the structure sale will be separated from leasing the tipple. He said the structure runs from the top of the silo throughout the tipple. The court voted unanimously to declare the apparatus surplus and sell it.

The court also received budgets from independent taxing districts in the county. Adams stressed that the court has no role in setting budgets for the taxing districts and they are not subject to the court’s approval. However, the court is required to officially receive them and forward them to the Department of Local Government.

The court is required to receive budgets for the Kentucky Area Development District (KRADD), the Letcher County Conservation District, the Letcher County Extension Service, the Letcher County Library District, the Letcher County Public Health District, the Letcher County Water and Sewer District and the LKLP Community Action Council.

The budget for KRADD is $4,759,455 in revenue and expenditures. The budget for the Letcher County Conservation District shows total revenue available of $294,925. This includes a balance brought forward from last year of $187,500. Total estimated expenditures are $294,925. The budget for the Letcher County Extension Service shows total revenue of $1,038,563 against anticipated expenditures of $1,038,563.

The Letcher County Library

District shows total revenues of $1,993,904 and total appropriations of $1,916,404. The operating budget for the Letcher County Water and Sewer District is $1,345,668 in revenue and $1,345,668 in expenses.

The budget for the Letcher County Health Department is $1,252,799. The 2020 budget for the LKLP Community Action Council, which also serves Knott, Perry, and Leslie counties, is $40,626,394.21

The court also approved the second reading of the county Administrative Code. Judge/Executive Adams said some changes were made and he will put a review document together for the July meeting. He added that copies of the code will be available in the judge’s office.

To finalize the meeting, the court voted unanimously to approve transfers, pay the remaining bills and close out the 2018-2019 budget.

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