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Fiscal court raises taxes to keep revenue same

County taxes raised by 3 cents per $100

Taxpayers in Letcher County will see higher property taxes this year.

Letcher County got one step closer to getting tax bills ready to be sent out for the 2020 taxes when the Letcher County Fiscal Court voted to increase its own property tax rate by almost 3 cents per $100 and to accept the rates for the county’s special taxing districts, at a special meeting Thursday.

Before voting to accept the tax rates, Judge/Executive Terry Adams admonished the magistrates that they have no say over the tax rates set by the various taxing districts and they can only vote to accept them or reject them.

The court accepted the compensating rate recommended by the Department of Local Government, which gives it the same income from taxes as it received last year. The court set the rate for real and personal property at 22.50 cents per $100, up from last year’s rate of 19.7 cents per $100. That means the county would receive $225 in taxes for a house assessed at $100,000. The total revenue realized from the compensating rate is estimated by the state to be $1,005,111.

The rate for watercraft and motor vehicles remained unchanged at 13.70 cents per $100. The Letcher County Public Library District Board of Trustees set the rate for real property at 12.3 cents per $100, and 17.99 cents per $100 for personal property. Both rates are unchanged from 2019. The Jenkins Independent Schools District left its rates unchanged at 85.2 cents per $100 for real and personal property and 69 cents per $100 for motor vehicles. The rate for the Letcher County Soil and Conservation was set at 3.1 cents per $100 for real property, up from last year’s rate of 2.7 cents. The Soil and Conservation also accepted the state compensating rate and it will provide revenue of $138,482.

Letcher County Public Schools set its rate for real estate and tangible property at 69 cents per $100 and 49.6 cents for motor vehicles. The rate for real and tangible property is up slightly from 66.9 cents per $100 in 2019. The Letcher County Board of Health set its rate for real property at 8 cents per $100, which is unchanged from 2019. The University of Kentucky Extension Service set its rate for real property at 15.1045 cents per $100, up from 13.135 cents for 2019; personal property is 26.3713 cents per $100, up from 23.118 cents per $100 in 2019; and 3 cents per $100 in motor vehicle taxes, which is unchanged.

The board voted to accept the tax rates by five to one with Fourth District Magistrate William “Cheddy” Smith voting no because he said some of the taxes increased this year.

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