Whitesburg KY

Fishing is good at Carr Creek Lake


To all the family of Oshie Boggs of Big Cowan: Sorry about the death of your mother. The family will be in our prayers.

I had a short chat with Jewel Crase at Parkway Hair Designs Friday while at Andrea Cornett’s yard sale and Ruby Roark.

Andrea Cornett and Wendy Ison will be yard sale’ing again this week if the weather permits it. There are plenty of toys, baby items, and all sizes of clothes. It’s almost like going to Goodwill in the parking lot. Ruby may also yard sale with them.

Sally Caudill is home from the hospital. Kurt Cornett is taking good care of her again. He seems to be a pretty good cook.

I went fishing Sunday afternoon at Carr Creek Lake and caught some bluegill and brought them home and put them in my pond in the front yard. I saw lots of catfish and carp lying on the bottom where I was fishing. I did catch some baby bigmouth bass. I threw them back in. Jason, a Knott County game warden, was checking fishing licenses. He said they had pretty well got Carr Creek Lake cleaned and they were not having much of a problem with people drinking, that they had everything pretty well under control. He also said that they were going to raise the water level a lot more so I guess we’ll see. Thanks for the info, Jason. Keep safe and keep stocking that lake.

My nephew, Richard Craig, from Owenton, is in spending a week visiting with my son and his wife and myself.

I would like to wish Shawn Stamper a very happy 33rd birthday on May 5.

Vickie and Ronnie Jones were on vacation last week. They spent a week in Florida.

Anyone who likes to fish, I’ll be seeing you at Carr Creek Lake.

I’d like to tell Arron Mitchell, Tadessa Fox, and Cody Coots hello.

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