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Fishing on the edge

Fish sometimes hold onto or close to cover or certain types of structure. This holds true in late winter as bass hold onto areas such as steep banks, channel edges, bluffs or cliff lines, and standing flooded timber or main lake points with deep water close by.

Holding onto the edges of these different types of cover allows the bass to move up and down to find the best suited water temperature and oxygen levels and the best depth to locate food. A smart angler will use this to his or her advantage by locating and fishing these high percentage areas.

Watch your fish finder until you locate one of these areas in the lake where you are fishing and look for a sudden change in depth or where the cover drops off into deeper water.

You will most likely see larger concentrations of fish and bigger fish on these “edge areas.” Once you locate an area you want to fish, try to stay on that general area as best you can. Start fishing with slow moving baits like hair jigs or a jig and pig combo. Make your cast and let the bait reach the bottom. Then very slowly work the jig back toward the boat with a slow reeling, pumping action. Watch your line for any type of twitching or movement action. If you see or feel anything different reel down and set the hook.

You can also fish a tube bait or a spider jig. Try to fish these baits in places like main lake points that have large broken rocks or, my favorite, stair step rocky points. Keep your boat about a cast away from the bank and make a cast as close to the bank as possible and work the bait slowly back. Be sure to feel when the bait drops from one ledge to another one. On this drop is where most of the strikes will occur as the bait is on the fall.

By fishing like this you will be casting into shallow water and retrieving the bait into deeper water while working the edges of several ledges and several different water depths plus increasing the chances of more fish seeing your bait than by simply fishing one depth.

This is a very high percentage way to fish now or at any time of the year. Other productive baits are the blade baits like the jigging spoon and the silver buddy, a famous cold water smallmouth bait. Look for areas with deeper water cover and make your cast with the jigging spoon. Wait until your line is straight down and slowly, on a tight line, work the rod up and down while watching the tip and the line for any type of jerk or twitch. If you see or feel anything, set the hook.

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