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Fishing the river

All In Fun

Growing up near a river with four brothers, we did a lot of fishing in our spare time. We still like to fish, and we fish together as much as our schedules will let us.

One summer we were fishing the Cumberland River above Harlan. We were fishing the rocks for red-eyes. We were using small crawfish and dropping them into holes under the rocks.

We had caught several as we waded along the shallow water, when we came to an old car hood at the bottom of the river.

The water had washed out a hole on either side of the old hood. J.R. and I put a crawdad under each side of the hood. We both got a bite and hooked up with a fish.

It was a major battle and kept up until we raised the metal up to see what was wrong.

We had both hooked the same fish and were trying to pull it out from diff erent sides of the hood.

It was a strange little fish. It was only six inches long, but it was almost seven inches wide.

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