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Five college couples are still married


Hello everyone, I hope everyone has had a wonderful week even though it’s been cold. Adventure is around you everywhere you go.

My cousin, Doris Ison, stopped by one afternoon. It was good seeing her. We had a good visit.

My cousin, Donna and Mike Watts, spent a long weekend in Asheville, N.C. The photos I saw looked like they had a wonderful time. I hope to get to Asheville this year.

Susan Ware of Lexington came in on Saturday and spent the weekend with John Campbell. This was the first weekend I didn’t get to spend time with my siblings. We saw John before we left and saw Susie after we went through McDonald’s in Hazard. I’m glad we did see them. Apparently they had a lot of Catan games over the weekend.

Mike and I went to Ohio on Saturday. We had Marion’s Pizza for dinner. Two of our sons were there, Greg and Mark. Brad’s wife had car trouble and they couldn’t make it. Friends of ours also came to Marion’s Pizza, John and Bonnie Walterbusch of Dayton, Oh., along with Ken and Dani Conley, and Shannon Conley, also of Dayton, Oh.

Mike and I went to college with John and Ken. There were five couples from college and we’re all still friends. More importantly, we’re all still with the one we married.

We had a good time at Marion’s. It was packed and parking was at a premium but it was enjoyable.

Mike and I spent the night with Mark and Heather.

One of the college friends called us during the week. Cherie Friesthler of Niceville, Fla. was calling to see how we were doing.

I was in Walmart when she called. We lost signal and I called her back from the car. Keeping contact with friends is important.

I left out two January birthdays. Ron Wolod of Stevensville, Md., had a birthday on Jan. 15. Happy birthday, Uncle Ron.

My cousin, Car r ie Wolod, will have a birthday on Jan. 28. Happy birthday, Carrie.

The quote of the week may be a repeat. “Fill your life with adventures, not things. Have stories to tell not stuff to show.”

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