Whitesburg KY

Five questions



Five questions with Letcher County Central’s Quade Adams:

Q: Discuss the bond of this
year’s senior class.
A: We came from two different
middle schools that were rivals
and have become family.
Q: What is it like playing for
Coach Matthews?
A: He has high character and
is a good leader. He knows how
to bring people together and get
them to play as a team instead of
for themselves.
Q: What are your expectations
for the season?
A: I would like to have a winning record and win the coal bowl
again. Most of all though, I want
to help build a good program and
bring the tradition of football back
to Letcher Central.
Q: Discuss how well the defense has played thus far this
A: In my opinion, we have one
of the best linebackers in the state
in Avery Stamper. The defense
plays as a unit and picks us up on
the offensive side when we are
struggling. It has been the strong
point of the team so far this year.

Q: Talk about the progress your
team has made so far this season.
A: In the past when a game got
tough and we got bad breaks we
would fall apart. This year we have
a stronger will to win and the give
up attitude has faded away.

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