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1. This band was once named The Detours and then for a short time The High Numbers. 2. Name the artist who released “I’m Gonna Get Me a Gun.” 3. Which single artist released “Ruby Baby” and when? 4. How do you pronounce the name of the band INXS? 5. How many No. 1 singles has Alice Cooper had since he went solo? 6. Who were the Mar-Keys? Bonus points for knowing the record label.

Answers 1. The Who. The band made the changes in 1962 and 1964, respectively, the second after the song “Zoot Suit” failed to chart. 2. Cat Stevens, in 1967. Stevens is now called Yusuf Islam. Under his new name he’s received awards for promoting world peace. 3. Dion, in 1962. The Drifters originally released the song in 1956. 4. “In excess.” Its first U.S. hit was “Need You Tonight” in 1987. The group won five MTV Video Music Awards for the video. 5. None. The best U.S. chart rating was “Poison” at No. 7 in 1989. 6. The Mar-Keys were the first studio band for startup label Stax in Memphis. Stax was named for the founders, Jim STewart amd Estelle AXton.

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