Whitesburg KY
Mostly clear
Mostly clear

Flat tire delays family’s trip to Santa Claus, Ind.

Northeast Ohio

We finally got a trace of rain, just enough to make one wish for more. Hopefully soon. Hope this finds all well and having a super summer. Do be careful in this heat we’ve been having.

Richard and Georgia left for Kentucky, going down for the funeral of one of Georgia’s first cousins. Christine (Vanover) Kiser was the daughter of the late Dee and Magaline Vanover and sister to Ronny Vanover, who lives here in Lorain County. Christine was only 59 but no one has a promise of a long life. The old must die and the young will. Red and I send our sincere sympathy to all the family.

Billy Wayne was sick a few days and missed two days of work. He may have gotten too much sun and heat. He’s feeling much better now. He’s getting ready for a garage sale next week. He works nights so I plan to go over and watch it mornings so he can sleep. He lives in a really good location for garage sales.

Ricky, Joyce and their four are in Indiana in Santa Claus. They had a mite of a mishap on their way while going through Florence. Another driver kept blowing his horn at them. When Ricky finally stopped, he found he had a flat on his camper. They had to stay overnight in Florence before he could get it fixed.

I had a nice long gabfest with friend Nellie Banks in Bloomington, Ind. We did some cooking, made quilts, gardened awhile, raised our families and anything else we could think about. I just love our chats. I also had an always welcome call from cousin Eva Dale (Stallard) Douglas in Sacramento, Calif. I’m just sorry I have not had the pleasure of meeting these two special ladies.

There are several also special people I would love to meet: cousin Edna (Bentley) Grimes, Beulah (Wright) Bentley, Janice Jordan, Ed and Lourene Watts and many, many more, but I better not take up too much space. I am truly amazed at how many people say they read my pitiful attempts to write a column and say they enjoy it. Thank you so much and many thanks to The Mountain Eagle for taking such a chance on putting such in their paper.

Red and I went to Pleasant View Church. They had a really good crowd, good preaching and beautiful singing. They had a visiting preacher from Little Memory Church in Indiana. I didn’t get his last name but his first name is Robert (Bob) and his wife’s name is Norma. He mentioned Sunman, Ind., but I’m not sure that’s where the church is located though. The good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, we’ll most likely be going to Little Pilgrim Home Church in Ruggles this Sunday. Robert Wallen, the moderator there, spent the past weekend in Elyria Memorial Hospital. He had suffered a heart attack and had to have stents put in, but he’s home now and doing very well.

I saw Alex Collier at Pleasant View and he said he was planning to go to Letcher County for Millstone Day. He wanted to know if we were going, but it is too near our two picnics. The Engle-Sergent picnic is on Aug. 5 and the Letcher County Day picnic is in September, usually the second Saturday which happens to fall on Sept. 8 this year. I still don’t have my menu made out. Guess I’ll just wing it. I’m sure I can fix up a few vittles thet mebbe a feller or gal could eat. Jis have to come up with sumtin. Sure nuff hopin’ ter have some fresh green beans and will make a pone of corn, a ‘tater salad, cornbread salad and sum kind of dessert.

Red’s beans and ‘maters are doing well even with no rain. He had one large ‘mater pert nite ripe. I’m keeping my eyes on it. Our early patch of mustard greens done gone and bit the dust. Now we’ll be looking forward to sowing a late patch.

Wal now, I’m agonna say so long fer now, see you soon. In the meantime be good to yourselves and to each other, share a smile, hug or handshake and may peace be yours day and night. Love and prayers to all.

Emma Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, Ohio 44055, emmalouengle@yahoo.com, (440) 233-7548.

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