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Fleming murder was top story on website in 2012

The first story written about the murder of Dradrick “Drad” Fleming was the most viewed story of 2012 on The Mountain Eagle’s website, statistics show.

In all, four of the 20 bestread stories on the website dealt with the death of Fleming, a 34-year-old underground coal miner and father of three, who police say was brutally murdered in June.

The second most-viewed story covered the arrest of a man who was found naked and covered in peanut butter and chocolate inside a Neon grocery store came in second.

Authorities say Andrew Toothman, 23, of 3166 Hwy. 805, Neon, consumed bath salts on January 31 before breaking into Whitaker’s Food World, which is located across the street from Toothman’s home at the time. Toothman entered the grocery store by breaking glass in the front door. The incident received national attention and was mentioned by Late Night host Jimmy Fallon during his monologue on February 8.

Toothman pleaded guilty on November 7 to charges of burglary, criminal mischief, indecent exposure and public intoxication. He was sentenced to probation for four years.

In third place, was the coverage of Animal Planet’s reality show “Snake Man of Appalachia.” The show debuted in January and followed Verlin Short, of Pine Creek at Mayking, as he attended church services where snakes are handled and caught copperheads and rattlesnakes in eastern Kentucky and West Virginia.

After four of the six episodes aired last winter, the show lost its primetime slot. The remaining two episodes have never aired on Animal Planet, despite earlier promises that they would

Listed below are the top twenty 2012 most viewed headlines at www.themountaineagle.com:

1. “ Wife, her lover charged in Fleming murder ”

2. “ Store manager welcomed by nude man smeared with chocolate, peanut butter”

3. “Reality show featuring Mayking family to begin airing this week”

4. “Tremor centered in Blackey is felt in at least 10 states”

5. “Third suspect in murder case under jail’s watch”

6. “Deputies suspected wife early on, don’t believe self-defense claim or her lover”

7. “’Snake Man’ reality TV show is on hold for now”

8. “Facebook posting results in arrest of Mayking man”

9. “ Funeral held for wreck victim, 28”

10. “Friend offers comfort”

11. “Official: Big cats not cougars”

12. “Report details abuse, filth at Golden Years Rest Home”

13. “Sexton wins coin toss”

14. “Whitesburg voters approve alcohol sales”

15. “Detroit police say man killed by two robbers”

16. “Man, woman are indicted for stealing deposit while on the job at McDonald’s”

17. “Grand jury charges 14 with drug trafficking”

18. “Arson suspect among 21 indicted on felonies”

19. “Bring on Bonnaroo 2013!” by KENNEDY BREEDING and CASSIDY BREEDING

20. “House burns in Jenkins”

To read these stories go to www.themountaineagle.com and click on “The 20 Most Viewed Stories of 2012,” which is located near the top of the webpage underneath the Associated Press story links.

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