Whitesburg KY

Fleming-Neon City Hall will close for four days

Fleming-Neon City Hall will be closed Friday, December 22, and reopen Tuesday, December 26, Mayor Susie Polis announced this week. Garbage pickup and other city services will also be placed on hold until after Christmas Day.

Polis made the announcement this week at the December meeting of the Fleming-Neon City County. In other business, the council learned that water supplies for Fleming-Neon are holding steady, thanks to connections allowing the city to purchase water from the Letcher County Water and Sewer District through a connection at Hemphill, and a new interconnect at Haymond that allows the City of Jenkins to sell water to Fleming-Neon.

At Monday’s meeting, Water Manager Chris Banks told the council that problems caused by a power outage had caused pumps in the main well to stop pumping for several hours last week, and the city had moved to a backup well in Tom Biggs Hollow to allow the main well to catch up on water levels.

Banks also said the system has been plagued by leaks caused by freezing weather. He said he was told by Kentucky Rural Water that lines tend to shift in freezing temperatures, and it sometimes causes connections to leak or come apart. He listed several large leaks, including one 100-gallon per minute leak at Fleming, and a blown sixinch main line. He also said a 30-gallon per minute leak at Martha Jane Potter Elementary School in Kona had caused problems until it was repaired. He cited those among several others as being responsible for a 31 percent water loss in November, and said he hopes there will be no more “no water days.”

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