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Fleming-Neon council reeling from death of former member

The Fleming-Neon City Council conducted a shortened meeting on Monday evening because of the death of a former council member and impending surgery on the spouse of another. Former council member Darrell Wright died unexpectedly on Monday morning after being admitted to Whitesburg Appalachian Regional Hospital the previous day for pneumonia. Wright served as an appointed member in the previous council. Mayor Susie Polis was also absent because of impending heart surgery on her husband David, who was scheduled for surgery on Tuesday.

Council member James D. Collins served as mayor in Polis’s absence. The Utilities Report, Police Report, Old and New Business were all tabled until the full council meets again. The council did conduct the first readings of the Fiscal Year 2008- 2009 budgets for the city and for the Water Company.

The projected revenue for the City of Fleming-Neon for the coming fiscal year is $506,466.70 with projected expenses of $506,164.77. The projected revenue for the water department is $331,000 with projected expenses of $321,050. The projected revenue for the sewer department is $169,900 with projected expenses of $165,972.

Council member Karen Hall was also absent. After conducting the budget readings the council adjourned. The council will conduct the second readings of all three budgets at the next meeting and changes may be made in the interim.

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