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Fleming-Neon Middle students rank among Kentucky’s highest

Fleming-Neon Middle School scored higher than 95 percent of middle schools statewide and Letcher County Public Schools reached proficiency, according to Kentucky Performance Rating for Educational Progress (K-PREP) test results released by the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE).

With an overall score of 73.5, FNMS is the first school in the Letcher district to be classified as distinguished, the highest ranking a school can receive.

“We got it and we’re excited,” said FNMS Principal Gracie Maggard. “That’s where we wanted to go.”

By scoring in the 95th percentile, FNMS is one of 39 middle schools to be listed as a school of distinction, the highest honor awarded. FNMS reached proficiency last year.

Letcher County Public Schools has an overall score of 69.1. The Letcher district ranks in the 79th percentile and is classified as a high progress district.

“It is awesome to be apart of a district where we are proficient and we are leveling the playing field for our students,” said Maggard.

“We know we are going to give them what they need to compete when they go off to college so that they can come back and give back to our communities.”

In addition to the Letcher district obtaining profi- ciency status, six schools in the district reached proficiency — Letcher and Martha Jane Potter elementary schools, Arlie Boggs, Cowan and Whitesburg middle schools and Letcher County Central High School. LCCHS, MJP and WMS are high progress schools.

With an overall score of 70.5, Cowan Middle School has a percentile ranking of 86.

WMS scored higher than 84 percent of Kentucky middle schools. Its overall score is 70.1.

With an overall score of 72, LCCHS has a percentile ranking of 76. LCCHS has a college and career readiness rate of 81.3. The state average is 72.2. LCCHS’s five-year graduation rate is 91.1. The state average is 87.9.

MJP is ranked in the 75th percentile, with an overall score is 70.7.

With an overall score of 70.4, Letcher Elementary ranks in the 73rd percentile.

Arlie Boggs Middle School ranked in the 71st percentile. Its 2013–2014 overall score is 67.5.

Letcher Middle School’s percentile ranking is 62. Its 2013–2014 overall score is 65.1.

Arlie Boggs Elementary School is ranked in the 49th percentile with an overall score of 64.6.

All schools except Cowan Elementary School showed progress from the previous year. Cowan’s 2013–2014 score is 62.4, falling short of meeting its target goal of 65.3. CES ranks in the 39th percentile.

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