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Fleming-Neon will set up pay plans for late taxpayers

Delinquent taxpayers in Fleming- Neon will be given the opportunity to come into City Hall and make arrangements to set up an installment plan to pay their overdue taxes before the city moves to more drastic efforts to collect.

At the July meeting of the Fleming Neon City Council, City Clerk Janice Banks told the council that about half the city’s tax receipts for the current taxing year have not been paid. She added that most of the people who have not paid their taxes yet this year are delinquent for years past as well. Banks said several companies that buy delinquent taxes have been in touch with her office, although no sales arrangement has been made at this time.

Banks said as many as 200 taxpay- ers in Fleming-Neon are delinquent — about half of the city’s tax base — and that most of those are delinquent past the current year.

“It’s usually the same ones,” she said, adding that four people have come into City Hall and set up installment payment arrangements. Councilman James D. Collins suggested publishing the names of delinquent taxpayers in The Mountain Eagle. Mayor Susan Polis said she would take that idea under advisement. (State law enables cities such as Fleming-Neon to charge delinquent taxpayers for the cost associated with publishing their names.)

In a related matter, the council voted unanimously to leave property taxes at the current rate of $.25 per $100 for real property and $.45 per $100 for tangible property. Collins also asked about the possible sale of the old Dollar Store building across from Carty Funeral Home. Collins said he was told the city had placed a lien on the property that will have to be satisfied before any purchaser can obtain a clear title to the property.

Ken Reid of Nesbitt Engineering reported on the Interconnect Project between City of Jenkins water lines and those belonging to the Fleming-Neon Water District that will run along Highway 805. Reid said the funding has been approved by Abandoned Mine Lands and will be available in the 2014 fiscal year. He said construction should begin in about a year and planning will be finalized and submitted to the Kentucky Division of Water soon.

Water Superintendent Chris Banks told the council that water losses stand at around 30 percent, but said that water department workers have been occupied by doing survey work for a Community Development Block Grant to upgrade the city’s water and sewer system. He said no major leaks have been located.

There was no police report for the month, but Mayor Polis praised the police department and the Fleming-Neon Volunteer Fire Department for their efforts with the fireworks at the Independence Day celebration held on Saturday evening. Polis said the rain stopped just long enough for the fireworks to be set off before starting again.

Councilman Collins said the new library is not quite ready yet and added that he believes the computers and networks are not completely installed. Mayor Polis said she is not sure what the city will do with the old library property once it is vacated, but the council does want the building to be torn down. She said she has made that clear to the Letcher Library Board.

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