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Fleming park will be named for Hall

A new park in Fleming will be named for a Neon Days Committee member who died during the city’s fall festival. District Five Magistrate Wayne Fleming visited the January meeting of the Fleming-Neon City Council and told council members he would have coal severance tax funds reserved for the park which he suggested be named in memory of the late Timothy Wayne Hall, who died during the Neon Days festival after performing in concert on a Main Street stage with the Soggier Bottom Boys, a novelty act he co-founded.

Hall, the husband of Fleming- Neon City Council Member Karen Hall, was marking his 10th year as a volunteer member of the Neon Days Festival Committee. Karen Hall told the council she had no idea Fleming planned to propose naming the park after her late husband.

Fleming told the council to try to look for two connecting lots large enough to hold a basketball court, a playground, and a shed to store equipment. He said the park would be very similar to the one in Dunham and that 94th District State Representative Leslie Combs would add the request to her coal severance tax list for the county.

Although Water Department Superintendent Carlos Phillips did not attend the meeting, City Clerk Janice Banks said Phillips had told her the situation was better. Council member James D. Collins added that ongoing losses of treated water didn’t help the matter. Mayor Polis told the council water losses were slightly up from November to December and Karen Hall said the department has lost approximately six million gallons of treated water in the past three months.

The council also voted unanimously to adopt the second reading an ordinance to comply with FEMA Flood Insurance regulations. Mayor Polis asked about the possibility of getting a new roof for the Hazen Building the council but took no action.

In the Police Report, Chief Henry Day told the council the cruiser currently being used by Officer Josh Webb is in bad shape and should be replaced. Day said Webb is a tremendous asset to the department and is doing everything he asks of him. He added that no one has been pulled over in Fleming unless they are going faster than 40 MPH. The posted speed limit is 25 MPH. Karen Hall, who lives in Fleming, said fellow residents are pleased because the police are slowing speeders down. Magistrate Fleming added that he has heard a number of good things about the Fleming Neon Police Department and said the city has a good department.

The council also discussed the possibility of getting a new police cruiser. Chief Day told the council he had filed a grant to help purchase a new Dodge Charger cruiser but hadn’t received any response. Magistrate Fleming told the council the fiscal court plans to use coal severance tax funds to give each city police department in the county $5,000 for equipment and other expenses.

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