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Flip flop theme party was a success at the Ermine Senior Citizens Center


Hello, everyone. Hope you are all doing well and hope everyone had a great Father’s Day. I guess July 4 is coming up very soon. Hope it will be a safe and happy day for everyone.

We all enjoyed Clyde’s birthday party here at home. We had all four sons and their families here, five grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren, and my brothers, Jack Howard and Hubert Howard and his wife, Joyce, and Hubert’s daughter, Angel, and her cute little son, Chase. All three of Sara and Chris Hatton’s children were there, Beau, Brooke and Gracie, and Angie Mullins had Sam and Ellie Beth, five beautiful children. Jamie had his wife, Julie, and Jump Hatton had his cute little girlfriend, Andrea Barker. We had about 30 people and really enjoyed it. I think Clyde missed his roommate, Larry Polly. They have gotten real close.

Larry had a visitor the other day. She is Larry’s cousin and she said I was her cousin also, but didn’t know it. Sure enough, I found out she is the daughter of the late Ellis and Louvenia Halcomb. Her grandfather, Willie Halcomb, and my grandmother, the late Maggie (Halcomb) Fields, were brother and sister! The lady’s name is Wanda Hall, wife of Richmond Hall. It really is a small world and I’m either kin to them all or an in-law. I love meeting people.

I finally got back up to the Ermine Center on Thursday. It was good seeing everybody. I’ll soon be getting to see people more often.

Clyde is in the Veterans Home in Hazard now. We’ll miss the people at Letcher Manor, but I will be going back to see all the folks I’ve made friends with. Clyde had good care there, but our insurance was running out.

I think we will like it there. We know a lot of the workers there and the place is beautiful. It will be farther for me to go visit, but you do what you have to. Everyone seems nice and friendly and they are doing all they can for us.

I enjoyed my granddaughter, Wendy, and her boys, Rocky and Larry, going down with me on Friday to visit. The boys wheeled Clyde all over the place and played games with him. He enjoyed that.

I enjoyed eating dinner with my brother, Charles Howard, and wife Brenda recently at Pine Mountain Grill.

Larry and Linda Hatton, Kevin Day and wife Wendy and sons Larry and Rocky were enjoying a weekend at the lake in Tennessee.

Sandra and Billy Hatton are at their lake house on Herrington Lake. Don Bentley and his boys are building a gazebo there.

Rob Hatton and his family have been on vacation in Florida, where his son, Dr. Kevin Hatton, and his family have been living and working for the past year. They are coming back to Lexington next weekend. Everyone is excited about that. I haven’t gotten to see their youngest son yet. Kevin’s sister, Rocki, and her husband, Matt, will be living very close by them. They are all excited.

I got a nice card from Anna Watkins of Florida, the other day. She sure looks forward to the Eagle to keep up with the news here. She’s been gone over 50 years and hasn’t forgotten us and we sure haven’t forgotten her. She was such a good neighbor.

I see Georgia Stallard at the nursing home. She is such a sweet lady. You meet some of the nicest people there.

Everyone says their gardens are doing well in spite of the dry weather. We sure need a good rain.

I was glad to see Sara Ison’s news in the Eagle last week. She and her husband, Clarence, are two fine people. I need to get back down and visit with them.

May God bless all of you. Try to go to church somewhere this week if you are able.

News from the Ermine Senior Citizens Center:

“We had such a wonderful time on our trip to Prestonsburg. Joining us was the Jenkins Senior Citizens Center and we really enjoyed spending the day with them. The flea market was nice. Several purchased huge – I mean huge – cabbage heads. James Hall of Thornton, said they would not fit in a eight-gallon galvanized washtub.

“After lunch, we traveled to northeast of Van Lear to the valley known as Butcher Hollow. We pulled the senior vans into the parking lot of Webb’s General Store. Webb’s General Store is owned by Herman Webb, who is a brother of Loretta Lynn and Crystal Gayle. There we walked back in time to an old general store.

“Hardwood floors creaked as you walked across them and glass candy jars lined the countertops full of different types of candy. They had several memorabilia items of Loretta Lynn’s music career. Our seniors purchased a lot of Butcher Hollow Loretta Lynn souvenirs, orange Moon Pies, and Nehi pop.

“After our visit in the store, we traveled by van loads to see the childhood home of country music stars Loretta Lynn and Crystal Gayle. They have paved the road that is called Butcher Hollow and it makes travel very easy to get to the homeplace. We drove right up to the side of the house where we were greeted by Herman Webb, Loretta’s brother.

“Mr. Webb gave us a tour of the old homeplace and answered all kinds of questions our seniors had about the place. Our own senior citizen, Ruby Caudill of Thornton, was in the movie “Coal Miner’s Daughter.” Ruby, 94 years old now, sat with Herman on the front porch while swinging and shared her experiences in the movie. Most all our seniors said Loretta grew up just like them and seeing the old homeplace reminded them of their own childhoods.

“On the way to Butcher Hollow, we saw an old mine entrance, where they said Loretta’s dad would walk to and from work. While standing on the front porch of the homeplace and looking back down the hollow, I could just imagine her dad walking up the hollow after working all day in the mines, caring his dinner bucket, covered in coal dust, all bent over from working in low coal seams, dragging his tired body home. While standing there on the porch, you could see why Loretta composed such a heartfelt song that we all here in eastern Kentucky can have reference to.

“We all said our good-byes to Herman Webb and invited him to stop in at the Ermine Center if he is ever in Letcher County.

“Our potluck party for the month of June was great. We had a flip flop theme party. All seniors dressed in their summer attire, Hawaiian shirts, sandals, beach hats, sunglasses, and leis. Seniors fixed a ham dinner and all the side items and the desserts were perfect. We had mini umbrellas to place in our drinks that made you feel like you were being served right on the beach. The center was decorated in a Hawaiian/ flip flop theme. Several door prizes were won and all the seniors received a flip flop key chain as a party favor.

Please remember the following in your prayers: Louise Brown, Eva Sexton, Jenetta Cook, Normia Toler, Betty Combs, Pauline Adams, Lizzie Mae Wright, Frank Majority, Clyde and Oma Hatton, Hattie Mason and family, Bertha Day, June Kincer, Mable Cornett, Arizona Williams, Minnie Craft, Georgia Stallard, Jack Blair, Joy Pease and sons, Paul Hampton, Janice Foster, Anita Pigman, Sue Bates, Opal Mason, Pauline Mason, Etta “Babydoll” Long, Ronnie Phipps Jr., Angie Phipps, all seniors and staff.

Friday at the Ermine Center will be the fourth annual Grandparents/ Great-Grandparents Day. There will be face painting, firetruck rides, toy chest drawings, treat bags, and special door prizes. Narramore Photography Studio will be taking family and individual pictures. Contact the center at 633-4054 for prices of different packages you can choose. A reminder to all Ermine senior citizens, you must register your grandchildren or great-grandchildren by Thursday, June 28, for the party so the staff can make sure we have everything needed. Grandparents Day is my favorite party of the year. We are planning on 50 children attending with their Ermine grandparents this year.

The Ermine Center staff and all county employees attended a very information defensive driving class Saturday morning at the courthouse. We attended a 4 1/2- hour class and afterward Judge/ Executive Jim Ward purchased lunch for all county workers attending the course. Thanks again.

Until next time, pray for us and we will pray for you. Love and prayers.

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