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Floodwaters endangering people and their property all around southern Ohio

Grab your favorite beverage, and let’s take a little while to chat. First off, I hope everyone is warm, safe and dry with all the flooding.

Last week I worried about all the people in eastern Kentucky and everywhere. Well let me tell you, it is horrible in Louisville, Ky., Cincinnati, Oh., Aurora, Ind., and all the small communities and highways.

The river in Cincinnati crested at 60 feet, and I am in danger of backwater being pushed into the river within walking distance to my house. The media predicted this flood would be worse than the one that hit in 1997. If it does it will get my house, at least the basement, and no matter how much I use the sump pump it will get everything in my basement, the hot water tank, furnace, water pump, and even the breaker box.

Of course I don’t have flood insurance, and like so many people I’ve neglected to get it over the years, knowing I needed it.

In 1997 the water seeped in my basement, and just before it got to my hot water heater my son-in-law sent one of his workers to pump the basement for me. He was busy with his construction work, and I was trying to use a garden hose to get the water out.

This time I am prepared with a bigger hose and a more powerful sump pump. Like I said, if it gets that bad, there’s nothing I can do, like so many others.

Sunday, Vicki Power and I went on a short adventure to see just how bad the water is in surrounding areas close to me. We couldn’t even get to the main highway, so it is a good thing that I know back roads. Route 50 is covered with water not far from where I live, so we had to turn around.

We rode towards Cincinnati, and it is heartbreaking to see the devastation that the powerful water is doing. As we passed the playground that I’ve spent several hours with Bennie this past summer, all you can see is the top of the swing sets.

Thank God for His blessing on this area, and especially on me for not letting my house be affected.

A benefit singing and supper will be held Saturday, March 3, from 4 to 7 p.m. at the Carcassonne Community Center in Carcassonne. Admission to the singing is free, and a delicious chicken and dumpling or ham dinner will be served for $6 per person. Singers will include Tools of the Carpenter, Dee Dee’s Faith Singers, and Sunrise Ridge, among others.

This will be held to help with the surmounting medical bills of a neighbor who has cancer. The Carcassonne Community Center is at 225 Square Dance Rd. in Carcassonne, 41804. I know you can get there from Blackey or Vicco.

I understand you can find it easy with a GPS, which I don’t have. My advice is to leave early and watch for directions. Last year I was under stress and got lost. I arrived in time for the last song by Sunrise Ridge but I still made it. For those of you who read my column, Carcassonne Community Center has a website. Please support this benefit.

Southern Ohio

I wish it were possible that I could go. As of the present time I am afraid to go to the bathroom as Angie Wiederhold will call me to come help with my grandson Bennie. Angie is scheduled for surgery March 8, and in the meantime I am her legs as I am on call to take her to the doctor, do her shopping, etc.

Bennie is so wonderful to help me as he knows where everything is when we are grocery shopping.

I’ve been reading on the computer of all the school threats in Letcher County and it is heartbreaking. Young children are being copycats to post things about shooting and blowing up schools. Some of these children wouldn’t know the first thing about how to do anything.

I believe with all my heart the media should quit talking about this. I wonder what is a child going through at home to even think such a thought much less write about it.

This morning on our local news they were talking about young kids that are so addicted to games that they are actually going to the bathroom in their clothes, because they won’t stop using the video long enough to go to the bathroom.

What is this world coming to? Parents are to blame for buying these contraptions and letting the video games to be used.

Bennie is in the fifth grade and has to use an IPad to do his homework on, and that is ridiculous.

Johnny and Ann Calihan’s daughter Sue Wagner was finally able to drive back to visit her parents. Sue made it just in time to be with her daughter at a very special time.

Sue’s daughter Ashley and her husband Eric Baker are expecting twins. Saturday evening a gender reveal party was held to let everyone know the gender of the twins. Neither Eric nor Ashley knew, even though Ashley had the sonogram.

Congratulations to them, as there are going to be twin girls to fill the hearts of this family. These girls will be spoiled, as they are welcomed by parents, Eric and Ashley; grandparents, Tom and Sue Wagner; and great-grandparents, Johnny and Ann Calihan; plus Eric’s parents and others, that I don’t know their names.

I’m so thankful that Sue’s health improved enough for her to come home for this special occasion. Please remember to keep this family in your prayers. Belated happy birthday wishes to Sue Wagner on Feb. 27.

I finally have taken a few minutes to be in touch with Les and Pat Wagner. Pat still isn’t perking too good. I know she is missing going to church and being able to go see our favorite local band Tony Hale and Blackwater. It has been several months since she has been to Haddix Pizzeria, and even longer for me.

I was planning on going to Carcassonne Community Center on March 10 for the first square dance. My plans still are up in the air, though I may do like I did last March, and just go down and back in one day.

Never tell a hillbilly not to do something, as she might just show you she can and will do the impossible, or at least try.

I am so looking forward to spring and warm weather, and bluegrass festivals, especially Kingscreek Bluegrass Festival.

I hear there may be a beauty contest and I may enter it. Now I didn’t say I would win.

Hello to Steve and Pat Stamper, and Pat, thank you for your wonderful comments on my column. Sometimes a few kind words are so nice to hear.

Please keep my grandson and his family in your prayers as my five-yearold great-granddaughter Harlow Gray is seriously ill, and the doctors are still running tests. At first it was suspected to be leukemia or some form of cancer, but now they say it could be lupus or autoimmune. It will be sometime before they can pinpoint what is the matter.

Harlow has been very ill for a couple of months, and her parents have taken her to the doctor several times. She has lost weight and is very pale.

Thanks to my granddaughter Jodi Gray for calling to check on me concerning my safety in the flooding, and thanks to all of you for your concern in both matters of flooding and my great-granddaughter. I have placed all my worries in God’s hands.

Well I am worn out, as it has been several sleepless nights. Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, Ohio 45030.

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