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Florida residents attend Strawberry Festival 2015

Hello again to all in Mountain Eagle land. So happy that the weather is warmer up north.

I just talked to my sister, Reba, in Canton, Oh., and it got up to 62 degrees. She was out visiting her son, Gary.

My son Bobby called me, and he had been outside enjoying the weather, washing his car, and saying all the snow was gone. They sure had a bad winter up there in Ohio. I’m so glad I’m here in Florida.

My sister Shirley and I did go to the Strawberry Festival in Plant City. We called Shirley’s friend, Harold Breeding, and his daughter, and they met us there in Plant City.

So me and his daughter, Elizabeth, and her girl, went to a concert. We saw Scotty McCrery, an American Idol. His show was awesome and we really enjoyed it very much.

Our nephew, Doug Gibson Jr., came in from California to visit family here in south Florida. He took Norma Jean, Shirley and me to see another greatnephew, Kyle Gibson.

Kyle was playing baseball in Ft. Myers for spring training games. He is a pitcher for the Minnesota Twins. Kyle’s father and mother, Harold and Sharon Gibson, live in Greenfield, Ind.

We get to see Kyle a lot during spring training. It’s in Ft. Myers, and that’s just about 60 miles from my home here in North Port.

We went to see another great-nephew, Mitchell Gibson. He’s a pitcher for Ball State College in Indiana. They were down here in Port Charlotte for two days, and one day in Punta Garda.

Norma Jean lives in Port Charlotte and Punta Garda is just 15 miles south of her.

So we got to go see Mitch three times. Mitch’s father and mother, Mikey and Darla Gibson, live in Greenfield, Ind. Kyle and Mitchell are grandsons of Doug and Von.

My sister Shirley is still here with me, but her daughter will come to get her soon to help her drive back to Ohio. They’re supposed to visit Tammy’s grandson in Jacksonville before they head north for Ohio.

They are planning on spending some time with Harold Breeding and his daughter in St. Cloud. They want to take grandson Malachi to Disney World.

I sure hope they get to see my granddaughter Kristan Anderson, she works at Disney World. She would like to see her. She’ll probably be down soon.

Now on a sad note: I read in The Mountain Eagle about Wilgus and Pauline Sexton’s daughter, Pamela, dying so young. So sorry about the news. The family has all my family’s sympathy and love.

Wilgus “Wig” was our relative. We never knew about Pauline until I read her obituary in The Mountain Eagle.

We also had a good friend and neighbor to die, Junior Adams. He and his wife lived here in North Port, but we could never locate them. Junior was from Colson. We were neigh- bors for many years on Sexton Branch, and two of my brothers went to school with him at Colson.


His two sisters just died last year, Inez Adams and Billy Lois Adams. All the nieces and nephews and Ruth have all the Gibsons’ sympathy.

I hope that Ruth “Bird” is okay, and that she will remember me and all my sisters and brothers. Ruth’s niece, Faye Swims, is our best friend.

Our family was so sad to hear about Coburn Isom. He lived in Indiana and was my brother Doug’s best friend and buddy. They went to church many years together. His wife Carolyn and their son have our deepest sympathy.

My sister Norma Jean, really was sad she was not there for his funeral.

I’m looking forward to my son Jimmy and his wife Johna coming down to visit me. They will be here the 25th of this month. I’m so glad. He’s been complaining about all the bad weather and lots of snow and ice. The weather here is in the high 80s. He will be going to the beach every day.

My daughter Beverly said she would be down this week, but if not, she would come down while Jimmy was here. They need a spring break. All three of them, Bev, and her husband, live in Atlanta, Ga.

My sister Shirley just celebrated her 74th birthday. It was on the 10th of March. I baked her a cake, and she loved that. Being the baby of the family, she’s always been spoiled. Norma Jean and I took her out for dinner .

Happy birthday to my nephew Earl Dean Gibson on the 20th of March. Hope you’re okay and stay healthy.

Hello to my sister-in-law, Nadine Nibert in Grove City, Oh. Miss you and love you.

Hello to my brother Joe in Whitesburg. I love you, brother.

Hello Betty, Lena, Edna. You’re my sissy-in-law too. Love all of you. Tell Troy, Jim and Red hi for me. Hope all are well.

Well, here it is Thursday, and I just got to finish the news.

My niece Tammy got in yesterday. She flew down to Ft. Myers, and we picked her up and stopped at Norma Jean’s on the way home. We went out to dinner, then came on home to watch some NCAA games on TV.

We are so into sports, basketball being out favorite, but we love baseball, because our great-nephews pitch in the pros and in college.

I’ve already got my NCAA bracket filled out. I’ve got Kentucky going all the way. “Go Big Blue!” I know we miss our sister Christine. She would have been so happy for Kentucky.

We miss our brother Lester. When it came to Kentucky basketball, he always kept score at home in his big notebook, always keeping foul shots, timeouts and all the scores down.

Now his son, Don, follows the Kentucky Wildcats to all home games and a lot of away games. Mary, I know you’re proud of Don. Leck would have been.

Mary is our sister-in-law. We hope to see her and the family in May.

We always go to Kentucky on Memorial Day. Shirley and I always try to go to the Carr Creek alumni reunion on that weekend. We look forward to seeing lots of classmates and friends that we went to school with.

Well, the ballgames are coming on. I’ve got to end this news.

God bless everyone and keep us in your prayers. From your friend and old neighbor.

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