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Flour bags were made into dresses and slips

Big Cowan

Hello everyone. Hoping all are having a good week.

My brother Archie Fields is home from rehab. Thank God for that.

My husband has been at Pikeville Medical Center with heart and kidney problems. Hoping he gets straightened out soon.

My mind has been so cluttered lately with worrying about my husband that I haven’t been able to think straight so if I made any mistakes in the paper then I am sorry. One mistake that I made was Cretia Absher and James Jett’s little boy is named Abe instead of Peyton and he had a one year birthday on May 4. Sorry for the mistake.

My baby boy Chad Fields turned 38 years old on April 5. Where has time gone?

Birthdays this week, and hoping all have a great day: April 15, Arlene Collins; April 16, Brad Jackson; April 17, Wayne Fields.

Paige Brown and Marty Fields have been busy during spring break making cookies and brownies and selling them at Trent’s Grocery. Good that they are learning how to do things and make money. I liked baking cakes when I was younger except Mom hated to clean up the kitchen after I finished because I dirtied up every dish in the house and still do sometimes. The first cake I made was a coffee cake from a recipe on a flour bag and it was really good.

Remember back in the day Mom got Cannon washcloths or towels out of wash powders, and a glass dish from oatmeal. I thought it was so neat. The 25-pound flour bags were cloth and the ladies made dresses out of them or underslips. They also got some items out of flour bags. I remember Emma got the cutest purse out of one. I wanted one and could never find another. Never see those anymore.

I also remember the plastic curtains. They had really pretty prints on them. It is a wonder our houses did not catch on fire. Some of the older houses probably still have them. I know we got tired of them sometime, but I haven’t seen a pair in years.

Keep everyone in prayer this week. Lots of sickness still going on, too many to mention. Hopefully this warm weather perks up everyone. Be in church somewhere on Sunday. Be kind to your neighbor. Until next time.

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