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Flower seeds, starts sought

Hello, what a beautiful week we have had. I hope you have been out enjoying it.

Not much happening with me. I have been checking out my flowers, and there are a few new ones I want. I want some hibiscus, some yellow roses (the small ones), and all kinds of annuals. Anyone with seeds or starts?

I have starts of lilac bushes and lilies of the valley if you want some.

So sorry to hear of the death of Johnny Boggs. I grew up with him and knew all of his family and dearly loved his parents. They were wonderful people.


I’ve been volunteering at a place called Grace Closet on Railroad Street in Whitesburg. It is a place to get good clothing for yourself and your children. Come in and look around. I am sure you will find something you can’t live without!

There are so many things starting up, gardening help, Farmers Market will soon be up and running, festivals, music, and art. Just look around our county. We are growing, changing and trying to help each other. We are a real community.

As I said, not much happening to me. Call me (633- 0404) to give your news so I can write about it.

Take care of yourself and your neighbors, pray for the sick and needy, visit with family, and most of all, enjoy your life — it’s the only one you get.

Hi, Joey from the record store.

Until next week, keep on keeping on.

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