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Flowering trees made trip to D.C. special

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Taken at the Tidal Basin Washington D.C. on April 8. Rose Ballard says the trip was enjoyed very much with her daughter Anna Nottingham and grandson 10-yearold Kyle.

Taken at the Tidal Basin Washington D.C. on April 8. Rose Ballard says the trip was enjoyed very much with her daughter Anna Nottingham and grandson 10-yearold Kyle.

Howdy folks!

Are you as confused as I am with the weather? First it’s winter then seems spring, back to winter and a few days of almost summer!

We’ve had a few mornings of frost in the early morning, and by afternoon you have to use the air conditioning. I can’t stand the noise whizzing in my window while driving.

I don’t have central air. My son Keith Ballard knows better than to suggest getting the air conditioner out of the garage to install until almost July. He does have a small separate unit he can use in his room.

Snow is predicted for the coming week. Of course I have to get a procedure done in Cincinnati. I can’t drive home, and Vickie Power really doesn’t care to drive in the city, much less in the snow. Plus we don’t know if she will be able to stay in the lobby due to this cotton-picking coronavirus that is still playing havoc with everyone’s life. More on that subject later.

I am still reveling in my nimble brain of the recent Washington trip with my daughter Anna Nottingham and my grandson Kyle. I know I am repeating myself so please just bear with me, as the beautiful colors of God’s creation are still fresh in my heart and mind.

Rose Ballard and her grandson Kyle Nottingham

Rose Ballard and her grandson Kyle Nottingham

Redbuds, dogwoods, holly trees have always been so special to me, oh what am I saying? Lilac trees and the old-fashioned tulip poplar or blooming poplar and of course magnolia are so beautiful, along with the mountain laurel, for which I’ve been corrected as they are rhododendrons. Now as far back as I can remember this was mountain laurel.

During my childhood days at Roxana, I would venture in the woods, where there were small bushes that had blooms. They didn’t grow very big, and I was informed they were called ivory bushes. One was pink and another white. Today there are plants called azaleas that remind me of these, except azaleas are in a variety of colors. The only other place I’ve seen this type of bush growing wild was on a country road when my ex-husband and I would travel to Livingston.

Rose Ballard and her daughter Anna Nottingham may not have seen the cherry blossoms at their peak, however the redbuds were awesome.

Rose Ballard and her daughter Anna Nottingham may not have seen the cherry blossoms at their peak, however the redbuds were awesome.

At times it amazes me that so many thoughts of the few years of living at Roxana are so embedded in my heart and soul. As mentioned before, someone wrote a book, then mentioned how afraid he was when he lived in the Roxana area. I grew up fast and I grew up knowing when you fought back, you learned to take your part. I realize that I am too plainspoken at times. I am not two faced and that is a fact.

Saturday, Vickie Power and I went on an adventure to the Historical Hoosier Theatre at Vevay, Ind. The Mountain Minor movie had two showings, one at 3 p.m. then 7p.m. I had something to do, plus Vickie had to work, so we chose the evening show. Actually had I not had other things to do, and someone wasn’t going with me, I probably would have attended both shows.

On the way to Vevay, it rained just enough to mess the windows. It sure didn’t stop us from enjoying the redbud trees. I swear each one was saying, “the mountains are calling, you should go.”

As we got closer to Vevay, there were so many dogwoods, pink and white in yards, it was hard to keep my eyes on the street.

As usual there was music before the movie. Dale Farmer, Amy Clay, Warren and Judy Waldron, along with Ma Crow did an awesome show. It was a beautiful place, actually I think I was there years ago. I have been to so many places over the years they are beginning to run together.

No matter how many times I see the Mountain Minor movie, I enjoy it each time. I have the DVD; it is saved on my big screen TV. I’ve seen it in small venues. The first time was at Dale Farmer’s beautiful cabin at a private showing for about 30 participants .

This night was extra special. After the opening of wonderful music, of all the places that Ma Crow could have sat in the theatre, she chose to sit with Vickie and me.

Now I’ve known Ma Crow since 1993, so we aren’t strangers, still this gesture meant so much to me, as I sat there watching Ma Crow perform on the big screen, and her sitting next to me.

Those of you that haven’t seen the Mountain Minor Movie sure are missing a good, clean, honest, down to earth film describing details of Appalachian ways of living, having to leave the homeland they love, moving to places to make a better living.

Mountain Minor can be seen on Amazon Prime. Check out Mountain Minor website. You can purchase a DVD.

Thank you, Dale Farmer, for a wonderful movie and thanks to anyone who had anything to do with creating such a wonderful movie.

At the end of each show there’s always a questionand answer segment. Dale made an announcement that surprised me, as Dale acknowledged how much I enjoyed the Mountain Minor. Actually I was a little embarrassed as this was so unexpected.

Amy Clay came to me, putting her beautiful tiara on my head. What Amy didn’t know is I had already fallen in love with the hairpiece, except I didn’t get it a couple of weeks ago. Now I am making a trip back to Vevay especially to get one. Vickie and I had gone to see Ma Crow a couple of weeks ago. We stopped in the gift shop, but I decided not to get it as it was a tad bit expensive.

I had a good conversation with Marcia Caudill, which I really needed as we were laughing so hard that we couldn’t talk.

I sure hope that Mike and Marcia’s marshmallows don’t get stale before I make it to the mountains.

Mike and Marcia are missing Carcassonne Community Center square dances. I sure wish people would get vaccinations so this could open again.

Darlene Campbell, I hope you can at least get to do an outside music show at Campbells Branch this summer.

Hello Les and Pat Wagner, and to the extended family.

Please keep Johnny and Ann Calihan and their family in your prayers.

Hello Buddy and Bernice Grubb, along with Chuck and Mike.

Buddy, I am thankful your stay at Whitesburg Hospital wasn’t very long. So glad you are home.

Sorry for the short column. My sugar is dropping again.

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