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Flowering trees, shrubs may make it

I may as well start my column out on a sour note I guess.

My son Steven’s widow got her copy of his death certificate yesterday, and there were no surprises, but my stand has not changed concerning the cause of death of my beloved son.

I have the same law enforcement degree as Sheriff Danny Webb, and I didn’t get it by being stupid. I got it the hard way, just like Danny did, I earned it.

I disagree with the findings of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, which is solely responsible for the decision handed down. I have already let my conclusion be known, and since there cannot be a divided house, it is up to the Commonwealth to prove me wrong at which time an apology would be forthcoming.

On the other hand, if the Commonwealth is wrong, I would expect the same courtesy from them. They know what needs to be done, and I am confident what the results would be.

So the ball is in the Commonwealth’s court.

Now onto a happier subject, because I haven’t seen any happiness since Dec. 15, 2012.

It looks like our pretty flowering trees and shrubs are going to make it this spring. The redbuds are especially pretty this year, especially if you drive over around the lake. I think the auto traffic does a fine job of scattering the seeds along the road around the lake.

I don’t think man could do such a good job, because mankind always makes a mess out of everything he touches. Always has and always will.

And mankind will always take the easiest way to do something, whether he is right or not. I guess you could say that man is downright lazy. At least that is how I have always looked at things, because my father also did.

He wasn’t afraid of work of any kind, and that could be why he died two months shy of his 49th birthday. But he always said that a little hard work never hurt anyone. He spent most of his adult life working on the railroad, and I do mean working, because it was all brute labor without all of the machines they have now.

Back to the pretty scenery which God has created for mankind to enjoy. I hope the dogwoods will be as beautiful as the redbuds are. I wonder why they are called redbuds, because they sure aren’t red, and their leaves are Valentine-shaped.

I guess one could call them Valentine trees, but that would be breaking tradition, and most of our everyday life is based on tradition.

I guess that is enough of this kind of rhetoric.

Until next time, from the Funny Farm.

Contributing writer Relon Hampton lives in Premium.

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