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Flowers are blooming in southern Ohio

Rose Ballard’s daughter Kay Gray and granddaughters Jennifer and Samantha pose for a prom picture.

Rose Ballard’s daughter Kay Gray and granddaughters Jennifer and Samantha pose for a prom picture.

Hello everyone and happy Mother’s Day!

I do believe spring has finally arrived. We had a little rain this week in this little corner of the Ohio Valley area. The redbud trees are so faint that you can barely make out where the beauty was just a week ago.

My poppies are blooming, peonies are about ready to burst in blooms, some of my irises are blooming. The wisteria vines are full of blooms.

Now my son may get a whipping at the age of 58 years old if he cuts my wisteria vine, as he is complaining how huge it is, and it only blooms for such a short time.

While traveling on a road just the outside of Addyston, which is a short distance from where I live, there’s a tree that has fallen beside the road. It had the most beautiful wisteria blooms and so huge. I made a special trip back to try to get a bloom, of course I couldn’t break one. Then I got chased away by a huge barking dog.

The only place I have seen wisteria trees and vines growing wild is at Pikeville. The nice warm days have turned chilly once again.

Since Mother’s Day is here, I really hope you take this special day to spend with your mom or grandmother, or a special woman that has helped influence your life in some ways.

As I said before, holidays mean nothing to me anymore as I’ve spent too many alone through the years, so now I do something each year that pleases me. I may sound selfish, but it is my life and I live it to suit me.

Once in a while I do get a few guilty feelings, as I have let music and dancing consume my life, at least the last 20 years, as it takes away my heartaches for me. No matter what the situation I face, I can bite my lip throw my head back, hold back the tears and dance.

As I’ve stated before, I danced with a back brace on before. Oh I know I am not too smart, but it beats taking pain pills.

When I was so sick I had someone say to me, well you sure look great for someone so sick. I heard you were about to die.

I had driven to the mountains I love and call home with a little green bag in my reach in case I got nauseous. I still have to carry one.

I sit watching other people eat, but does that stop me from going? No.

As long as God gives me the strength and I am able to drive plus can afford the gas, I am going to continue living my life, as I know the time will come when I am not going to do as I am. I don’t have anyone in my immediate family that loves music like I do, the only close friend that will go is Vicki Power. It bothers me that she has to sit as I am dancing.

Friday night Vicki and I went to Community Arts Center in Oxford. It was the last dance until fall. The caller Cathy Anderson mixed square dancing with contra.

I really don’t care for contra as it has lots of spinning. I finally had to sit down as I got really dizzy. Cathy asked me if I was ready to dance, so I told her I better not, and explained why.

She told the guys to be easy with me, that I was so little I could fly out the window. I finished dancing until the end of the night.

Saturday at the Opry Barn in Metamora, Ind., a benefit for the barn was held. I haven’t been to an all-day event in such a long time, I decided to go and oh, I am so glad I did. As usual I arrived to the event too early. I had my choice of seating. As it turned out a woman sat at the table next to me, Brenda Cole, as we started talking, her husband had a band that was performing, Rated BG.

Then her husband, Lonnie Cole, mentioned a bass player, Bubba “Larry” Griffith, whom I have known about 25 years, was playing with the band.

I asked Brenda if her husband was any relation to Mark Cole, a banjo player, I had met back in the early ‘90’s. Mark was a great banjo picker when he was nothing but a kid. Mark is a preacher now, and only picks gospel music.

I replied I remembered a young guy who picked a wicked guitar, she laughed and said Ryan was picking with the band. Ryan is 40 years old. I hadn’t seen him since he was about 17. Ryan is a great singer and guitar picker. Rated BG is an awesome band, a true hard-core bluegrass band

This made my whole day. I stayed for the second show at seven o’clock then I headed home. There were two other bands, as Wes Miller was closing the night, however I had stayed as long as I could. If Rated BG had been the last band I would have sat there until rigor mortis set in. I haven’t heard such a great strictly bluegrass band sound this good in years.

They are playing at Coon Hunters Club, 200 Warwick Rd., in Hamilton Friday night. I have other plans or I would be there If you like bluegrass music, I mean real bluegrass music, and if this band is in your area, please go see them.

The only thing I can say negative about the Opry Barn, a man and his wife performed and they had adopted a huge dog. Of all things they brought that dog into the building and you could hear it bark for a mile it was so loud. I am not an animal hater, but please leave your animals home. Not everyone is thrilled to see someone kissing a dog on the nose.

Sunday was Old Time Fiddlers. We are having a small crowd, however the music was wonderful. I fixed barbecue sandwiches, and there was plenty of food.

In the Calihan family there have been a couple of bad health issues. Ann Calihan had a fall, thank God nothing was broken, however she hit her head. There was no brain bleed, but blood in the tissues. Ann spent a couple of days in the hospital.

Her heart gave everyone a scare, as it got out of rhythm, and may have been the reason for Ann falling. Ann had to have a procedure to shock her heart back in rhythm.

Ann is home, but not really completely back to her normal ways.

My heart ached for her daughter Sue Wagner, as she wasn’t able to get here from South Carolina.

Ann’s brother-in-law Hayward Day is in serious condition. Hayward has something called Guilin Barre Syndrome, this is something that attacks your immune system. Hayward has a long road ahead of him for recovery. Please pray for Ann and Hayward and their families.

I haven’t seen Kim Day, but I hope she knows how much I love her. I did talk to Terry and Tim, who is a twin to Kim.

This is a close-knit family. Hayward and Kim and Hayward’s wife Vivian who is Ann Calihan’s sister, were extended family to me. Blame it on those mountain ties.

Again, I haven’t been home enough to talk to Les and Pat Wagner, so hello to all the family far and near.

My granddaughter Katelyn Nottingham attended open house at Gatton Academy at Western Kentucky College, this week. They only accept 95 students. Katelyn has big dreams of study of neuroscience. Katie will do her last two years of high school at the college, and it will count towards her degree.

Happy birthday to Johnny Calihan, who will be 92 years old May 15.

Carcassonne Community Square Dance will be held on March 11. Will Bowling is caller, and Sunrise Ridge is the featured band. Plenty of food available. Mike and Marcia Caudill, please dance a set for me. This event is sponsored by Hall’s Trucking, owned by Mart and Sue Hall, who I am proud to say are my niece and nephew.

Mart thought I would be in for this weekend, as he was going to tell Mike to put it in honor of me, as I love Carcassonne Square Dance so much. Thank you, Mart and Sue.

Well I have a busy day and these bones are tired. Until next time: Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, Ohio 45030, email Bluegrassmama4@aol.com.

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