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Flowers cooked in the heat

Bach Court

We had a great service at First Baptist Church Sunday.

Afterward Byron Thomas and Clay Wilder were baptized in the Kentucky River behind the church by Pastor Tony Brown and Assistant Pastor Jonathon Barry, and Deacons Junie Hogg and Fred Campbell.

It was truly a great service. The river was really muddy, but they went under and came out white as snow.

Ricky and Brenda Williams were married Sunday, July 15, at the Kingscreek Park. Congratulations to both of you.

Happy birthday to Lee Bates Adams on July 16; Rick Williams, Julie Pryor, Chenoa Lynn Fields and Doris Hogg will have birthdays soon; Regina Brown on July 17; Fred Hall, July 18; Shane Caudill and Logan Thomas on July 20; Kylie Hensley and Brenda Boggs, July 21.

First we were having red hot weather with no rain. The crops, grass and even the trees were being burned from the sun and heat. Now it’s raining and still hot and humid.

This has been truly a hot summer. My flowers cooked in the heat.

There are about 10 or 15 hummingbirds that come and eat at my back door. I have two feeders and they seem to empty them every day. They’re really entertaining to watch.

Then there are two ground squirrels up on the graveyard that play constantly on a rock wall. It’s like watching Chip and Dale from Walt Disney in real life.

Until next week, God bless.

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